Med school Investigation results are in on Northam’s blackface photo


Democrat Governor Ralph Northam became controversial three months ago when an old photo on his page in a Medical School Yearbook page showed someone in blackface and another person in a KKK outfit. It was unclear if he was in the photo. It was right after he promoted Infanticide and then lied and said he didn’t (there was a video of him promoting it on a radio station).

The ironic thing is that he ran for office demonizing his opponent as racist. His opponent never said or did anything racist and certainly didn’t have a photo like that in his yearbook.

Northam’s nickname in school was “Coonman.”

After a months-long probe by the governor’s medical school into the racist photo from 1984, investigators “could not conclusively determine” whether he is one of two people in the picture.

Investigators noted that Northam has made “inconsistent public statements” about whether he participated in the photo.

However, they were unable to find anyone who could shed light on the 35-year-old image on the governor’s personal page in his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

Interestingly, earlier this year, others who graduated with Northam said it was up to the students to determine what would be placed on their page.

A months-long investigation into the photo “could not conclusively determine” whether he is one of two people in the picture, according to the findings released Wednesday.

However, they DO NOT BELIEVE it was put there in ERROR!

The presser:


Northam accepted blame and apologized, but took it back shortly after. Nothing will happen to him since he’s a Democrat.