Media Attacks Trump’s Foreign Policy Maneuvers


The hill, a left-of-center, anti-Trump publication, says Trump is upending the world order and it’s what has legislators most worried. Foreign relations is the one area where the media has had difficulty tearing Trump down. They are working on it.

They write:

Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, the Philippines and Israel appear to be in the administration’s good graces.

Meanwhile, nearly all of Western Europe, Canada, Qatar, Iran, Cuba, Australia and Ukraine appear to be on the outs.

It’s hard to envision how Russia is in our good graces.

As far as Western Europe is concerned, they are starting to pay into NATO and their loss of unlimited U.S. funding to their causes from the Paris deal has them smarting. Who cares? That “deal” threatened to eventually bankrupt our economy.

About Qatar:

Last week’s row over Qatar was illustrative of the way Trump has upended international diplomacy.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar and closed all land, sea and air borders.

The United States is allies with all countries involved and in past disputes between the five had mostly stayed out of the fray.

But Trump took sides Tuesday, supporting the Saudi bloc over Qatar and taking credit for causing the rift with his visit to the region last month.

Later in the week, Trump tried to move into the role of mediator, but was back to bashing Qatar during a Friday press conference.

His erratic attempts at diplomacy are likely the result of him being convinced periodically of doing things he doesn’t want to do. Time will tell.

Later in the article, they quote a ranking member of the foreign relations committee, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.): “We need to know how to deal with countries that don’t share our values, that don’t always agree with us. And you can’t just have a haphazard comment as part of our foreign policy.”

The problem is simply this: Qatar is sponsoring terrorism. They are supporters of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and they fund ISIS along with other radical groups.

Getting along doesn’t mean we have to ignore terrorism.

As far as Canada is concerned, the only problem is the fool they have running their country. When it comes to Iran and Cuba, good riddance.

These are the same people who weren’t worried when Obama aligned us with Iran, a nation that sponsors terrorism, and Cuba, a communist hellhole. It’s the same media outlet that isn’t worried about the hardcore Communist assuming a great deal of power in the U.K.

This is the outlet that didn’t have a problem with the big sellouts: the Iran deal, the oppressive treaties, the Paris climate pact that violated our Constitution.

The more the media plays up socialism and refuses to give Trump a fair shake, the less they will be believed.

The hill article pretends to be neutral as they provide some balance in the second half of the article, but the tone never waivers: Trump’s a lunatic destroying the world.

Meanwhile, CNN is blabbering about the “Russia cloud” that has settled over the White House, quoting Comey only where it props up their attacks.

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