Media Backs Efforts to Destroy Mexican Restaurant That Let Sessions Dine


The owner of El Tiempo Cantina was forced to shut down his eatery’s social media presence and publicly apologize two weeks ago after Stalinist Democrats harassed his family for allowing Attorney Jeff Sessions to dine at his Texas restaurant.

“We’ve actually received many, many, many insults and many, many complaints, and even some death threats,” Roland Laurenzo, the president of Laurenzo’s Restaurant Group said in a phone interview with station KHOU.

His family is currently being harassed.


“We honestly didn’t get it — we didn’t see that we were doing something wrong,” he added. We didn’t even have any idea that this was going to happen. This has been a total surprise for us. It has been extremely shocking to our family.

The poor man thinks he did something wrong.

The owner’s son posed with Sessions, proud that a government official was eating in his restaurant. That sent the Stalinists into a frenzy. They have been boycotting this man for doing nothing wrong, even after he apologized.

The media is now backing this boycott.


Communist Jorge Ramos is leading the media boycott of this innocent man as are other anchors.

Univision is very popular among the Hispanic community and they, along with the elites in the Hispanic population are sending the message that if anyone shows the slightest support for the Trump administration, they will be destroyed. This is Texas and the left wants their vote like they’ve corralled the black vote.

They conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration and demand both be allowed with amnesty for all those who came here illegally.

Many disreputable people, including criminals, are behind this movement.

The next clip has another Univision anchor pretending legal and illegal immigration is one and the same. These people are not looking out for the United States. They hope to take us over and they are.

Hispanic support for Trump has gone up 10 percent and Univision does not want any of their listeners to hear that.

All the anchors are behind destroying the restaurant for doing nothing wrong. The owner didn’t even know who Sessions was.


ORGE RAMOS, ANCHOR, UNIVISION NEWS: A Mexican restaurant of Houston faces a barrage of criticism after posting on Facebook that it was an honor to serve Attorney General Jeff Sessions in their establishment. Many people describe the praise to Sessions as insensitive, as he is harshly questioned for his migratory policies against the Hispanic community. Vilma Tarazona has the controversy.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION NEWS: Sessions´ visit to this renowned Mexican restaurant, El Tiempo Cantina in Houston, would have gone unnoticed if not for this selfie taken by the chef and son of the owner, and published in his social networks where he wrote “We had the honor of serving Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Thank you for allowing us to serve you”. This sparked the anger of many immigrants including this Mexican and community leader and regular customer.

CÉSAR ESPINOZA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR “FIEL”: How should we honor a person who speaks against the principles of our restaurant, one that serves Mexican food that was brought to the United States by immigrants, and who hires immigrants and receives money from the immigrants.

The business owner said he saw no problem in serving the Attorney General.

RONALD LAURENZO, RESTAURANT: I totally regret it because it is inaccurate in terms of the….

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER LAURENZO): But said he was sorry to post the picture on social media. Ironically, that day Sessions came to an event about illegal immigration.

ESPINOZA: In Houston, the community is outraged, because we have received messages from people who came to this restaurant this week and who are undocumented.

TARAZONA: The reactions are from both sides.

WOMAN: I thought like it was a slap to the community….

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER WOMAN): It seems to me that it is a slap in the face for the community that goes to the restaurant and for the people who work in the restaurant.

SECOND WOMAN: I think it´s great…

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER WOMAN): I think it’s OK, we must serve the people who are helping us in the Government. This incident would seem to evidence at least that of General Attorney Sessions likes the food of Mexicans, since earlier that day he ate at a Mexican restaurant.

ESPINOZA: For me it’s something very painful because it turns out to be one of my favorite places that me and my family have frequented since arriving in the United States in 1991.

TARAZONA: Well, El Tiempo Cantina restaurant had already been subject to criticism by the immigrant community, when in the past they allowed the use of one of its buildings to record a video of the Latinos for Trump Campaign.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

i find it hard to believe this can happen in texas…even houston; liberal shithole that it is. that settles it. i’m going to el tiempo on my next days off

4 years ago

Vote against any and all Democrats in November. Because, your life really does depend upon it.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They are no different from the ‘Goon Squads’ in Nazi Germany, using the same hate-filled tactics, equal to the ‘Poverty Pimps’ in the black communities, same brutal tactics.

4 years ago

The Lunatic Left