Media Boasts of Hugely Successful Gun Buyback in Greensboro


Time Warner was all agog at the Saturday turn in your gun event in Greensboro, a high crime area. The police and community are engaged in neighborhood policing but the crime is still rising. There has been a 68% increase in crime last year alone, though Greensboro has seen spikes like this before.

There are those who think guns are the problem so they held “A Pledge of Non-Violence” Saturday at Destiny Christian Center.

Time Warner boasted that a thousand people showed up to sign the pledge and turn in guns – for nothing in return except to feel good. You can see the Time Warner clip here. They are obviously trying to give the impression that a thousand guns were turned in.

The article reads:

“Signing the pledge and turning in weapons was spurred, in part, by an increase in gun violence across the city. This year gun violence has increased 68 percent from last year.”

“Our new philosophy of neighborhood oriented policing we really want to hit the streets and show the community that we are committed to engaging them and serving our community to the fullest,” said Nathaniel Davis of the Greensboro PD.

Signed pledge certificates will be displayed at police headquarters.

The NRA looked into it only to find only a single BB pistol and a single sheathed hunting knife were being “taken off the streets.” That’s it!

Who would have guessed it? A buyback that offers nothing in return brought nothing in. Usually these events bring in people who have old guns they want to get rid of and get paid for doing so.

As the NRA said, gun buybacks are the hallmark of gun control. Hillary recently suggested an Australian buyback as did Barack Obama.

An advisor to the Obama administration at the National Institute of Justice said buybacks “cannot be effective” unless “massive” in scope “and coupled with a ban” on the same sort of arms as are being collected. Voluntary buybacks, the advisor counseled, “are too small to have an impact” and involve guns that “are at a low risk of ever being used in a crime,” while replacements for the turned-in guns “are easily acquired.”

You can see where the gun grabbers want to go with this.

As for Greensboro, they have 455 sex offenders alone living in the area. There are sections of great wealth and great poverty in the area.

The number of violent crimes in Greensboro has shrunk during the past five years, although not as much as the number of property crimes. However, aggravated assaults surged early this year, police data show.

The Greensboro police chief said that as crime sprees develop, the department will end them quickly.

That’s part of an ongoing trend. In 2010, Greensboro had 1,513 violent crimes, such as murder, rape, robbery and assault. There were 1,342 such crimes in 2014, an 11 percent decline, police data show.

By comparison, property crimes dropped at a higher rate. Police handled 13,789 property crimes, such as burglaries, larcenies and auto thefts, in 2010. There were 10,131 such crimes in 2014, a 27 percent decline.

The fact is that crime spikes are nothing new for Greensboro and the number of guns is directly unrelated.

You will be happy to know that Gavin Newsom is out looking after the welfare of gun owners. Check out his tweet.

He is telling gun owners not to trust the NRA basically because they don’t care about us, only lobbying. I’ve been a member of the NRA for almost 20 years and they are doing what they’ve always done and what I want them to do – fight for our Second Amendment rights.

Thanks Gavin but we’re not that stupid!