CNN, HuffPo Call ’87 Yale Grads to Dig Up Dirt on Judge Kavanaugh

Scott Bronstein

CNN producer Scott Bronstein is calling up Yale graduates from the class of 1987 trying to dig up dirt. They’re specifically calling the residence where Brett Kavanaugh lived.

“Sender’s husband is a Yale grad and CNN is proactively contacting ‘87 Yale graduates who were in Pierson Residential College to try to dig up dirt on Kavanaugh,” Amy Dryden wrote on Facebook.

A 1987 Yale graduate called into Rush today and said she got a phone call from Huffington Post looking for dirt. They were trying to get her to say something negative. She lived in the same residence as Brett Kavanaugh and what she remembers about him was he was “kind and gentle”.

They are calling everyone who was in the same residence with him and there were about 120 people in each. [listen to Rush tape at the end]


The media are the political marketeers and they will control the narrative.

Facebook banned her from posting it last night after it went viral. They also scrubbed all media articles related to the post.


Democrats are doing everything possible to make this process into a mockery.

For example, a far-left activist group plans to project vulgar messages about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court building, according to the Washington Examiner.

On Tuesday night a so-called anti-sexism group UltraViolet will project “Kavanaugh is a sexual predator and well documented liar,” “He lied every time he testified,” and “Kavanaugh must withdraw” onto the Supreme Court, according to PR firm Unbendable Media.

The leftists are being bussed in and paid in many cases.




    • YES it is. VERY disturbing for our future; MANY DEMS are without ethic or intelligece…MOB behavior, and wicked talk. I am disgusted. My stupid’ baby boomer generation . They are SHALLOW THINKERS. Remember way back when, marches, anti war mob rule. YA, we pulled out, + 2 MILLION WERE SLAUGHTED almost immediately .FUNNY, THEY think they are smart + they are dumb as dirt…REMEMBER VIET NAM…

  1. Can’t wait for a bunch of folks to dig really deep into the high school & college days of some these reporters and media types. Wonder how much scrutiny they’d be able to stand. After all, why shouldn’t we know EVERYTHING about the people bringing us the news. Especially given all their “misreporting” on so very many critical stories.

  2. WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

  3. “Assassination by Accusation.”
    The voters of Alabama rewarded Demoncrats for it, so now you can expect it regularly. Too bad American women and beta-males will believe every word of the accusations. No proof needed; once accused, a conservative man is automatically guilty. The #MeToo lynch mob has arrived, with torches and rope. Tree is right over there….

  4. Strange how the left(dims, progs, commies, etc.) don’t want to have an actual competent, experienced prosecutor do the interviews of Kavanaugh and Ford. One who has prosecuted sexual crimes for a living, successfully. I’m thinking the left will not like the outcome of a professional interrogator instead of the circus crew seen during the actual hearings.
    Its actually only strange if the truth is not the goal, just the continued unfettered slander of Kavanaugh with the goal being to keep him from being confirmed and sworn in as the next SCOTUS Justice.
    Yep, they used the tactic in Alabama and it worked. Can’t let them do it again. Kavanaugh needs to be voted in and seated before the left can think of a new ploy to deny the court of a great judge.
    Maybe its just me, but I despise anyone who labels themselves as a leftist of any stripe. Maybe its just me.

  5. Bronstein. If only there was something in common these usual suspects had that we could use as an indicator of future subversiveness.

  6. Trump was right again when he called the media the enemy of the people. Can’t believe Facebook banned this women over that comment. Let me guess zuck will say it was a “mistake”

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