Media Lies: Trump Thinks Immigrants Are Poisonous Snakes


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This next piece of information is the ultimate in propagandized, deceitful media but it will sell well in the low-information precincts.

This brief article ran first on a UK newspaper but it bled over onto US media. The Independent UK ran with the title, Trump likens immigrants to to a poisonous snake that bites the person who lets it in.

Just so you know The Independent is owned by a former Russian spy and Socialist party member Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev.

The article says that Trump quoted from “The Snake”, a 1968 song by Al Wilson.

The piece only included these lines:

The lyrics to the song, which Mr Trump has recited before, tell the story of an ill snake who is taken into her home by a kindly woman. The snake is nursed back to health, but then delivers a poisonous bite to its host.

The dying woman asks the snake why it has acted in such a way given that she has helped it. Mr Trump – delivering the snake’s response – concluded: “Oh shut up silly woman, you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

The article fails to mention that he’s referring, not to immigrants, but to illegal immigrants and jihadists.

Reutersthe telegraph and others, even bloggers retold it with the same lie.

Trump narrated this next video, quoting from the song, and it tells quite a different story from what this outlet would have people believe. We will have to be very alert to the lies we will be told.

The New York Times published a profile of a Donald Trump campaign office in Florida, expressing astonishment at the number of non-white people and immigrants working in it.

They were hoping to find white supremacists but what they found was quite different.

If Trump does win, you won’t see any more articles like this any longer, you will only see articles like the one cited above.



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