Media Has Decided Obama Had Zero Scandals But We Found a Few


The media – almost all of the media – has decided that Barack Obama was a scandal-free president. You can hear them lie in the video below.  Obama’s entire administration was the biggest sting of all times as he fundamentally transformed us and kept his popularity at 60%. It was as if he were removed from his failed legacy.

We did find a few scandals

The scandals that never happened:

  • Fast & Furious
  • Solyndra
  • Benghazi
  • VA – officials got bonuses as veterans died
  • IRS – Lois Lerner, targeted citizens
  • Politicized press and agencies
  • stimulus theft for unions
  • Obamacare – keep your doctor, your insurance, your hospital (he guaranteed it), premiums reduced by $2500 less for the average family, horrible website
  • Hillary Clinton’s private server – he sent emails to that address under a fake name
  • The Pigford scandal
  • Bowe Bergdahl – the scandalous handling of the court martial and the trade of this deserter for five vicious Taliban
  • Iran nuclear deal and ransom payments
  • GSA lavish parties
  • Secret Service gone wild with idiots in charge
  • influencing Israeli elections
  • Spying on journalists and Angela Merkel
  • GM bailout – he violated the spirit of the law and precedent by putting the investors at the end of the line and paying off the unions.
  • He told Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after his second election

This isn’t an Obama scandal but it is scandalous that he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the only president to be involved in wars the entire length of her two terms. He beat out Attila the Hun.

Listen to the dishonest media:

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