Media/Dem Vigilantism! Gilroy Killer Was Not a White Supremacist


The Gilroy killer, Santino Legan, was not a white supremacist. The FBI can find no racial motive. He was targeting organizations on the political left and right and federal buildings.


The FBI has opened an investigation into the Garlic Festival killer’s motivations. What we heard so far is that he touted a white supremacist book and owned radical Islamic material. However, special agent John Bennett said those reports are in error. Reports linking the killer to white supremacy or radical Islam are IN ERROR, he said. 

Bennett said investigators have not determined Legan’s motive, and that reports that linked the shooter to an interest in white supremacy and Islamic extremism were “erroneous and incorrect.”

“There’s a lot of material found in search warrants. We’re still going through that. To call it ideology one way or another is conflicting,” Bennett said. “Just because somebody has a book in their house doesn’t mean they are leaning one way or another.”

He later added: “Whatever was found was not a smoking gun.”

Bennett addressed the Instagram message about the white supremacist book and other comments, saying, “The book … is from 1896. I’m not really sure that’s really high-dollar reading right now,” Bennett told the small group of reporters Wednesday. “That is information that anyone could put out.”

On Tuesday, Craig Fair, FBI assistant special agent in charge of counterintelligence at the San Francisco office, said there was no indication Legan was firing at any specific groups of people at the fair.

“We have no reason to believe at this point he was targeting any protected characteristics or any class,” he said.

The MSM and Democrats re responsible for those reports being blown out of proportion and they are responsible for the lies claiming Legan was a white supremacist. This is why media and Democrat vigilantism is a serious problem in this country. They are dividing us with lies.


The NY Times has new information. The killer who shot three young people to death and injured 13 on the last day of the festival, had a “target list” of religious institutions, Democratic and Republican political organizations, and federal buildings, the F.B.I. said.

The suspect had been exploring several “competing” violent ideologies, said John F. Bennett, the F.B.I. special agent in charge in San Francisco, at a news conference.

In other words, he didn’t know what he was. When a witness asked him why he was doing this, he said he was very angry.

Mr. Bennett said investigators had not yet uncovered a motive and were trying to determine which ideology, if any, the gunman had ultimately subscribed to, and if anyone had helped him prepare for the shooting. The list also included courthouses and the garlic festival, Mr. Bennett said.

People were not on the list, only national organizations, which the FBI was notifying.

The Dayton gunman appeared to be ‘exploring violent ideologies,’ the F.B.I. said.

Todd Wickerham, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Cincinnati field office, told reporters Tuesday afternoon that the investigation into the mass shooting in Dayton on Sunday had “uncovered evidence that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies.” He added that no evidence had been found suggesting a racial motivation for the shooting.

That means he wasn’t a white supremacist.

The FBI was looking into Incels, the involuntary celibates, a group of misogynists who blame women for denying them what they see as their right to sexual intercourse. The FBI didn’t indicate if they had reason to believe he was a member of that new, growing danger.

The gunman fired 39 rounds in the shooting at the garlic festival on July 28, Scot Smithee, the Gilroy police chief, said Tuesday. Police found a 75-round drum magazine and five 40-round magazines near the gunman, who killed himself after being shot multiple times by the police, Chief Smithee said.

The gunman’s parents said they were “deeply shocked and horrified” by what their son had done.

“We have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to this event, and it is impossible to reconcile this with the son we thought we knew,” the parents said in a statement released by their lawyer.

The parents apologized to each of the victims who had died — Stephen Romero, 6; Keyla Salazar, 13; and Trevor Irby, 25 — as well as those who were injured. The parents said they were cooperating with the investigation.

Their lawyer, Chuck Smith, said in an interview that the parents were anxious to learn more.

“They want answers, too,” he said.


The motive of the Dayton killer, self-described as a leftist who wanted to vote for Elizabeth Warren, remains unknown.

There are no indications of a racial motive, but his friends describe a very mentally ill Connor Betts. Betts killed his sister and eight others outside a bar in the trendy Oregon District in the early hours of Sunday morning.


The motive of the El Paso killer is still muddled. He definitely wanted to kill Mexican people and resented immigrants, but he was also far-left in some of his ideology based on his manifesto if the manifesto is his. In addition, Mexican is not a race.

In the case of the El Paso killer, there is no question he wanted to kill Hispanic ‘invaders,’ he said so in the manifesto and he did it. But everyone is assuming that is right-wing. Why? Since when is it right or left to want to kill people of a particular group? It’s extreme and it’s evil.

The killer disavowed both parties and said his ideology preceded Donald Trump. It was always his ideology.

He labeled it, The Inconvenient Truth, reminiscent of Al Gore’s famous title. The killer also appeared to be based in a lot of cultural Marxist ideology. What he likes about Republicans is “at least…the process of mass immigration and citizenship can be greatly reduced.”

He hates race mixers and polluters, complaining “our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country.”

Killer Patrick Crusius railed against the “takeover by unchecked corporations” and complained about “the increasingly anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right.” The killer complained, “The decimation of our environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources.”

He continued to rant about the destruction of the environment and concluded if Americans won’t change their lifestyle, “…the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become sustainable.”

A case can be made that he was killing people to save the planet. He is a climate extremist, a very left-wing thing to be.

He is angry about imperialism which is also left-wing.

Universal Basic Income is very far-left but that is what the killer put in the manifesto.

“In the near future, America will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs (to automation). Joblessness is in itself a source of civil unrest. The less dependents on a government welfare system, the lower the unemployment rate, the better. Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and UBI would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of defendants are removed.”

None of that is right-wing.

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