Media Dupes Promote Rohwani as a Moderate


Hassan-Rowhani Photo of Hassan Rohawani, a not-so-moderate president

Iran’s newly elected president, Hassan Rowhani, pledged on Monday to follow a “path of moderation” and promised greater openness over the country’s nuclear program. Then he said he agrees with Mahmoud’s hard-line on uranium enrichment.

Yahoo and many media outlets think that this is proof they are open to new possibilities for dialogue.

Rowhani said that Iran would deign to talk one-on-one with the US if the US agreed to “never interfere in Iranian affairs.”

The media is calling him a “moderate,” a “centrist,” and “trustworthy.” Compared with what I wonder?

In 2003, Rohwani was Iran’s chief nuclear regulator. He is a member of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council, an advisory body to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is reported to be close to Khamenei and former president Rafsanjani.

He has extolled theocrat Khamenei’s enlightened “vision” for Islamic supremacy in his writings and has said that to separate from these ideals is to be held in the prison of western politics, “politics without ethics” or a medieval European dungeon, “backward religious thoughts”…

As nuclear regulator, he openly admitted he was pretending to negotiate with the US while mocking the US for believing him.

After the election. Iran announced they were sending 4,000 more troops to Syria . They also announced their intention to move ahead with their nuclear program.

As president, Rohwani has no power to affect policies, only influence them. He is the international envoy. He is the figurehead – the PR person – for the hard-line mullahs in power.

The only policy in Iran is Sharia’h and it doesn’t matter who the president is. If we allow ourselves to be duped, it is because we are dupes.

Bibi Netanyahu is not so easily fooled. On June 13th, he visited Auschwitz and upon opening a new exhibit he said:

“The leaders of the Allies knew about the Holocaust in real time.”

“They understood exactly what was happening in the death camps. They were asked to act, they could have acted, and they did not.

“To us Jews the lesson is clear: We must not be complacent in the face of threats of annihilation. We must not bury our heads in the sand or allow others to do the work for us. We will never be helpless again.” [Jerusalem Post]

We are about to repeat history.


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