Media Gives Free Pass to Hillary While Giving Special Attention to Trump


CNN and MSNBC are now using chyrons to fact-check every single thing Donald Trump or his family says. Chyrons are the electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or movie screen.

NBC and ABC for their part are dedicating their outlets to anti-Trump messages 24/7. Though Jake Tapper this week called Hillary Clinton out for her email-FBI Comey lies. We posted that video on the website.

The chryons are not used on Hillary to fact-check her constant lies.

According to The Daily Caller, CNN began using them in June after Trump made inconsistent statements about a nuclear Japan. At least he wasn’t arranging for a nuclear Iran and sending ransom money to Iran in cash.

The network even fact-checked Trump’s son, Eric, on whether his dad apologized to the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Trump criticized Khan’s parents after they spoke out against him at the Democratic National Convention.

“Trump’s son: Father apologized to Khans (he hasn’t),” read a chryon aired on Aug. 2.

MSNBC also began using the fact-checking graphics this week, Daily Caller noted.

“Trump says he watched (nonexistent) video of Iran receiving cash,” read a chryon published in response to the GOP nominee’s claim that he saw video footage of a U.S. government airplane dropping off $400 million in cash in exchange for four American prisoners.

Trump appears to have been confusing it with a film published by Fox but there is actually an Iranian video of the dropoff which we posted on this site.

Neither network fact-checked Clinton on Friday when she repeated false statements about her use of a private email system.

CNN ran various chryons during the forum and after, including: “Clinton: I’ve been ‘consistent’ on email explanations.”

MSNBC also merely repeated Clinton’s claims without fact-checking them.

“Clinton: 3 classified emails weren’t properly marked,” reads one of the liberal network’s chryons.

Clinton got a free pass.


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