Media Goes Bonkers! They’re Afraid of “Unbalanced” Trump Followers


MSNBC and CNN “journalists” are going bonkers. They think Trump followers are terrorists who will set out to kill them. Trump is calling them dishonest and wants them to fairly report the news. They are taking that as a call to the “unbalanced” followers to commit a terrorist attack.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe suggested that President Trump’s criticism of the media is going to cause a terrorist attack. They brought up the Oklahoma City Bombings and said that Trump supporters could possibly be the source of the attack because they’re “unbalanced”.

Joe Scarborough said “this is very, very dangerous.” Scarborough then went on a rant calling the President a liar, discrediting claims Trump has made. Joe Scarborough is the token Republican on MSNBC but he’s a left-winger.

Letting in unvetted foreigners is dangerous but they don’t seem to care about that.

On CNN, Chris Cuomo warned “somebody is going to get hurt” because of Donald Trump’s verbal attacks on the press.

Brian Stelter thinks, “It’s poisonous behavior to be injecting in this day after day.”

Bill Carter then got conspiratorial, saying, “I think that’s part of the strategy to make the media back down. That’s not going to happen but his language also speaks to he doesn’t have any regard for what he says. It just throws this out there.”

Cuomo said, “Somebody is going to get hurt. It’s a question of time. It starts to become a call to action. Somebody is going to get hurt. What is he going to say.”

These are the same people who have been promoting the news that could get Donald Trump or his family killed.

Trump’s really terrible. He wants the media to report honestly; hopes to deport criminal aliens; vet for Islamic radicals coming from terror nations; and improve the economy.

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