Media Ignores Radical Leftist Ties to $15 An Hour Protests


The media was all over the nationwide protests demanding $15 an hour wages at Fast Food restaurants over the past two days. What they failed to mention is who are the people behind the protests. They also vastly exaggerated the numbers of participants and in many cities they made 30 people look like hundreds with their cooperation in staged photos.

When the communist-socialist Occupy Wall Street was in its prime, the media called it grassroots and ignored the funding coming from the leftists at Open Society, Tides Foundation and other assorted groups.

There was one black man at the Occupy Wall Street protest one day in the lily-white movement so I asked him why he joined in. He said, The only reason I’m here is because they’re paying me. They hunted him down in a different part of town.

The $15 an hour campaign is an effort to force unionization on fast-food restaurants that aren’t unionized and it’s backed by radical leftists who have no use for capitalism or all-American companies like McDonalds. The protests have nothing to do with concern for the worker. It’s about getting dues and building up membership. It is being funded by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which is in turn funded by people like George Soros.

The “Fight for 15”, as they now call themselves, protested across the U.S. In New York City, one 21-year old told the AP reporter that he is a Wendy’s worker from Milwaukee. If he can afford to travel to NYC, one has to wonder why he needs a raise though most of these people are bused in and their expenses are paid by the well-funded SEIU.

There is nothing grassroots about it and their cause is nonsense. A fast-food low-level job is not meant to be a career path.

Here is the AP shot of their useful idiots.

fightfor15 newsday

Socialist venues such as The Militant, Socialist Alternative and Democracy Now (Soros-backed) are pushing the “Fight for 15”.

Communist Party USA said this about it:

The rise of movements like Fight for 15 and Our Walmart mean that the party policy of industrial concentration has become somewhat outdated. We should be concentrating on low-wage workers in the fast-food & retail industries. The mass struggles of our generation are unfolding at super stores and burger joints, not factories and steel mills.

Some socialist groups are demanding $20 an hour.

Far-left Democrats, members of the Progressive Caucus, people like Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders, Steny Hoyer, Kristen Gillibrand are promoting these protests. The costs and stress it is causing small business owners (McDonalds is a franchise operation) is of no consequence to these people.

We are seeing Marxist ideology at work. Marx held that the thing the worker sells to the employer is the right to put him as a worker to work. It is not the pro­ductivity of the worker that is sold; it is merely the right to make the worker exert himself. It’s the superiority of the entitled worker over the industrious worker.

People will eventually have to lose jobs if salaries go to $15 an hour or they could be replaced.

automated worker

The fact is people don’t realize what is going on.

SEIU is the fastest growing union. Their aggressive tactics and rich socialist backers are two of the reasons why.

John Sweeney, SEIU president 1980-1995, used Alinsky strategies to discredit and intimidate opponents and put pressure on business leaders. They engaged in and continue to engage in corporate campaigns in alliance with other activist groups to assail company reputations until they agree to unionize.

They organize boycotts, picketing, public demonstrations, pass out literature and hijack the media. It’s the New-Left in action.

SEIU joined with the United Food and Commercial Workers, the Laborers, the Carpenters, and the United Farm Workers in 2005, forming the Change to Win federation. They are an arm of ACORN.

In 2008, SEIU spent approximately $60.7 million to help elect Barack Obama. They worked aggressively on his behalf in 2012.

Their current president, Mary Kay Henry established the gay/lesbian caucus of the SEIU.

The SEIU policies are radical left.

SEIU sponsored a May Day 2011 rally in Los Angeles, where many participants displayed banners openly advocating communism, temporarily dropping the mask.

Some of their banners.

SEIU1 SEIU2 seiu4 seiu5 seiu7


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