Media Ignores Throupling Rep Katie Hill Who Had Relations with Staffers


Openly bi-sexual Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill had a consensual three-way polyamorous relationship with her husband and a female employee, only 22-years of age. She left them to have sex with another staffer.

The man she cheated with is her campaign finance director, Graham Kelly, who is now her legislative director.

It’s really not okay to have sex with your underlings, is it? I find the whole thing deplorable but it’s the era of anything goes and I would be shot down if I pointed out that she’s an amoral hussy, so I won’t.

Her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep, found out about the affair and leaked the photo of the naked congresswoman combing the hair of the young woman employee in their threesome.

We chose not to post the photo since it’s too much for this site.

Twitter banned the photo citing, “community standards,” which fluctuate at will. It’s all over Twitter anyway, despite their best efforts.

Hill charmed her way into a conservative district somehow and the media wants her to keep the job.

The media is mostly ignoring this, but they can’t get over the President’s possible fling with two women of disrepute when he was an entertainer in 2006.

Political Bullpen has the photos and the husband’s comments here, on this link. The staffer was apparently distraught when Hill broke up with them, claiming she needed to concentrate on her important work. You can view the text messages between them here. Her husband found out about her affair with Kelly and filed for divorce. The text with that information is here.



    • Haven’t checked lately, but yes, it was ignored. If it had been a republican, it would have been cause for hysteria. Now she’s claiming it’s untrue despite a viral nude photo of herself combing a young woman’s hair and kissing her in others and she tells everyone she’s bi.

      She’s a liar too.

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