Media Launches Crazy Vile Attacks on Judge Kavanaugh


NBC News, an arm of the Democrat Party, published an allegedly big story concerning a former classmate of Deborah Ramirez’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s. She claims she has texts showing Kavanaugh and Ramirez had a closer relationship than indicated. They also show he tried to reduce the damage from the texts before release.

So what you may ask?

That’s what the Senate Judiciary is saying about this latest conspiracy theory. Deep into the NBC ‘News’ article, they reported that Chuck Grassley’s spokesperson finds them not relevant.

The texts do not contradict the judge’s testimony.

George Hartmann, a spokesman for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said that “the texts from Ms. Berchem do not appear relevant or contradictory to Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony.”

“This appears to be another last-ditch effort to derail the nomination with baseless innuendo by Democrats who have already decided to vote no,” Hartmann said.

The gossip with the texts, Kerry Bercham, wants to get them to the FBI. She has NO knowledge of sexual misconduct. [Emboldened sentence is ours]

NBC News reached out to Berchem for comment after obtaining a copy of a memo she wrote about the text messages. In a statement to NBC News, Berchem, a partner in the law firm Akin Gump, said: “I understand that President Trump and the U.S. Senate have ordered an FBI investigation into certain allegations of sexual misconduct by the nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I have no direct or indirect knowledge about any of the allegations against him. However, I am in receipt of text messages from a mutual friend of both Debbie and mine that raise questions related to the allegations. I have not drawn any conclusions as to what the texts may mean or may not mean but I do believe they merit investigation by the FBI and the Senate.

It’s just gossip in other words.


In another disturbing attack on Judge Kavanaugh, the leftists are enjoying a vile cartoon playing on the judge’s tearful statement that his ten-year old daughter said to pray for Ms. Blasey Ford. That’s how the left operates. It’s the reason the right can’t have a slogan, wear a MAGA hate, protest, react in anger or sadness.

The gossip rag, the NY Times, another arm of the Democrat Party, reports that Kavanaugh and his friends at the time are accused of being involved in a bar fight in 1985. The police questioned them and Kavanaugh is accused of throwing ice at a patron.

This is what the NY Times thinks is news.


In good news, a college roommate and another friend are coming to his defense.

Dan Murphy, a former roommate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale, said he “was there with him at the end of the night when we came home, and there in the morning when we got up” from a night of partying.

“I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening’s events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile, or in a sexually aggressive manner to women,” he said.

Another person who claimed to be a close friend of Kavanaugh’s from Yale, Chris Dudley, said that “like nearly every other college student we took breaks from school and went out for drinks and to see friends” but “I never ever saw Brett blackout. Not one time.”

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