Media Lies About a Human Gesture by Our President, the Blue Collar Billionaire


The media did the impossible! They found a way to demonize Trump helping a Marine.

Frontpage Magazine already summarized some articles insulting Trump for catching the Marine’s hat and putting it back on his head if you want to check the nonsense out.

The media is downright evil. Not only did they say he “tried to catch it” and was “amusing”, they said “he attempted in vain to replace a Marine’s hat”. Then another said “his efforts to retrieve the military man’s hat in the wind went awry.”

One account in another publication actually said he was “unpresidential” for doing it.

That was 100% fake news meant to belittle the man his son calls the “blue collar billionaire”. The media even edited the tape deceptively to go along with their false narrative.

The video of what actually happened tells an entirely different story.

Obama’s their man

Arrogant Obama not even saluting the Marines is preferable apparently. He’s too good for that.

All you ever see Obama do in photos is kiss babies, but the media isn’t biased, no, not at all.

Some say he did salute here, but, honestly, can anyone see this guy fetching the cap of someone he deems less than himself?


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