Media Lies About Trump Not Filling the Arena at the NH Rally


With Democratic candidates pulling in teeny crowds, it’s Elizabeth Warren who stands out by attracting about 700 at one rally and 400 at another in New Hampshire. All we heard — and from Drudge too no less — was that Warren packs crowds in NH.

The media regaled the large numbers Warren brought in, but they tell a different story when it comes to President Trump. For some reason, the doors were shut while the upper tier of the arena still had plenty of seats. Dishonest Pettypiece posted a photo of the upper-tier but didn’t mention the thousands who had the doors shut in their faces and were forced to remain outside.

Another liar at BuzzFeed:

These are the people outside the arena who couldn’t get into the stadium in New Hampshire.

One must wonder if the powers that be left the upper tier empty to give reporters their photo-op. Maybe that’s too conspiratorial — or not. The MSM can try but they won’t stop him.

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4 years ago

The mainstream moronic fake media are catering to diminishing crowd of like minded individuals !!!

John S
John S
4 years ago

I stopped watching the MSM and reading their “newspapers”. It’s all lies and Americans know that.