SAVED! All 13 Are Freed from a Thai Cave as Diver Is Maligned


After a terrifying ordeal of more than two weeks, all 12 children and their coach have been freed from a Thai cave thanks to the unrelenting bravery of the divers, doctors and other medical personnel and responders.

Experienced divers described the scene inside the cave as a “horror movie”, yet they went back again and again to save the children and the coach who were exploring when a flash flood trapped them on a ledge deep inside the cave.

The Thai Navy SEALs posted the confirmation on their website.

So far, all reports indicate the children are in good condition although two appear to have lung infections.

It should have only been a good news story but the media found a headline that wasn’t. The Sentinel has not been able to confirm the innocence of the diver with a news source but certainly the media could have left the story alone.

In the story, Thai PBS is accused of misreporting and falsely maligning one of the divers who came to risk his life to save those trapped.

The Thai PBS has responded to the poster and is looking into the story.

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