Media Matters Gleefully Releases Tapes of Tucker to Damage Him


The Soros attack dogs at Media Matters are very excited. They think they will be able to destroy Tucker Carlson with some tapes from 2006 to 2011. Tucker was on a radio show with a “shock jock” and cursed, repeated at least one derogatory word about a woman.

It’s important to know that the far-left Media Matters is dedicated to attacking Fox News.

They posted excerpts from various broadcasts by Bubba the Love Sponge, a popular radio host whose real name is Todd Alan Clem. During various shows, Carlson made negative, often misogynistic remarks about some celebrities and appeared to defend Warren Jeffs, the religious leader who had been placed on the FBI’s most-wanted fugitive list on charges he had arranged marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls

Tucker responded to the latest assault by the left this evening. He said people should watch his prime-time program on Fox News Monday evening, Variety reported.

The tapes sound like a lot of nothing to me.

The left is pretending to be outraged as usual, but they’re not. It’s all a game they play.


Media Matters Has a Lot More And They’re Hoping to Stop Advertisers

Media Matters Will Strategically Release More Tapes to Take Down Tucker

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