Media Matters Hires Fake Fact-Checker Who Falsely Maligned a War Hero


Remember last month when celebrities like actor Ron Perlman smeared as a Nazi a veteran of the Marine Corps and double amputee who now works for ICE as a computer forensics analyst? They misread his tattoo which is a symbol of his platoon. It was a New Yorker fact-checker who spread the lie far and wide without checking with the veteran.

Talia Lavin, the now-former fact checker for The New Yorker, was hired by the radical-left Media Matters to fact-check right-wing outlets. This comes within a month of her slandering the disabled veteran and ICE employee as a Nazi. She is now free to “fact-check” the right, whom she abhors.

File this under you can’t make this stuff up.

Lavin also contributes to the Village Voice.

Media Matters, the leftist smear merchants, will employ Lavin as a researcher on far-right extremism, according to a tweet she sent out. [Media Matters see everyone on the right as extreme.]


“Some personal news: I’m delighted to be joining Media Matters (@mmfa) next week as a researcher on far-right extremism and the alt-right, part of a brand-new team,” she wrote. “I’ll be working full-time with some of the smartest, most passionate people in media right now and I’m psyched.”

It’s a great gig for her since she can keep on fact-checking with lies and misinformation.


Lavin falsely accused Justin Gaertner, a wheelchair-bound ICE agent, of having a Nazi Iron Cross tattoo over his left elbow.

She deleted the tweet a short time later after several people said they thought it was a Maltese Cross, a symbol used by members of the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“Some vets said this ICE agent’s tattoo looked more like a Maltese cross than an Iron Cross (common among white supremacists), so i deleted my tweet so as not to spread misinformation,” she said, trying to deflect. [Her entire twitter feed is filled with misinformation]


The backlash on social media was intense. ICE joined in, rebuking her for “slandering an American hero.” They called for a public apology.

ICE also corrected her on the tattoo. They said it was “the symbol for his platoon while he fought in Afghanistan. The writing on his right arm is the Spartan Creed which is about protecting family and children.”

She has been known to retweet anti-ICE comments which may be why she was looking to malign an ICE employee. Justin Gaertner is also a disabled Marine hero who lost his legs in combat.

She will do great at Media Matters, the David Brock, Soros-funded smear machine. She’s exactly what they’re looking for!


Soros/Media Matters Manifesto to Destroy the Right Is Alarmingly Successful

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