Media Message for Friday: COS John Kelly Is Bad


White House secretary Rob Porter had two ex-wives who had domestic abuse complaints against him. Chief of Staff John Kelly knew nothing of one, perhaps both. When he found out, he fired him. There is no story here. Chief of Staff John Kelly didn’t know and fired him when he found it. End of story, but not for the media. They will tell you what to believe and how to think.

When this story broke, we also found out from the unredacted Senate criminal referral of Christopher Steele that the Nunes memo is correct. FBI/DoJ top officials are corrupt and there was a likely attempt to take down candidate Trump and, later, President Trump. On Thursday we heard from the FBI informant’s testimony that Hillary and Bill Clinton were involved in the Russian bribery scheme and more.

The media didn’t want you to know about that, therefore, they demonized Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy. They ignored the Senate memo and the informant’s testimony. They even ignored the latest text messages between Agents Strzok and Page.

The media will tell you what you are to believe with their messaging. The message they want you to hear is not the one about the corruption. Rather, the message is about a secretary who had two women make accusations against him.

The story didn’t fly much at first so now they are using it to attack John Kelly, a man of great honor. That’s the new message and almost all of the media is sending it.


John Heilemann of MSNBC said this morning on Morning Joe: “And I believe, you know, we saw a similar thing, it’s happened before in this administration, around Michael Flynn, for instance, where it was not — they were going to look the other way about Michael Flynn until media reports surfaced. So there’s a disturbing pattern here where the White House tends to try to look the other way.”

Former cabinet member Chris Lu told Chris Hayes last night: “This would never have happened. We had a very strict vetting process that would have had detailed interviews with our appointees in addition to the background check. You had an example of two ex-wives making statements to the FBI agents.”

That’s actually not true at all.

Senator Hirono said on MSNBC: “And so if John Kelly resigns over the fact that something he either knew or should have known and yet they kept this person on for a year, I think that he should consider resigning.”

Peter Baker of MSNBC: “John Kelly had real blinders on when it came to Rob Porter”.

CBS says Kelly is in a “harsh spotlight” and is being “harshly criticized”. NBC talks about John Kelly in the “hot seat”. ABC says he is in a “harsh spotlight”.

All of the media got the message. Convince the public John Kelly’s bad, he’s anti-woman, he really knew, he did nothing.

This is what the Alinskyites are willing to do to a man who served his country and continues to serve. All of this is done to get more far-left Democrats elected. It’s for the ideology, one that has no substance.

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