Media Moonbats Invent New Russian Collusion Theory


Left-wing media – almost all of them – have a new line of attack against Fox News and one of their hosts, Laura Ingraham. They are headlining articles with titles today like, Russian Bots Defend Fox News Pundit Laura Ingraham – Newsweek, Reports: Russian Bots Propping Up Ingraham In Tiff (Talking Points Memo), Russian bots are tweeting their support of embattled Fox News host (WaPo), and Russian Bots Come Running To Rescue Laura Ingraham – Daily Kos.

They all got the memo! Most of the left-wing media is ‘coincidentally’ saying the exact same thing. Naturally, the goal is to tie Fox News and Laura Ingraham to the Russians.

Laura once laughed about the media doing exactly this. She has joked on air that the left will come after her eventually because she lived in Russia and has two adopted Russian sons. Well, it’s no joke now. Predictably, they are suggesting Fox News and Laura Ingraham are somehow the Russian troll favorites.

Websites tied to Russian trolls allegedly spiked the use of the hashtag #IstandwithLaura by 2,800 percent over the weekend, the Chicago Tribune reported on Monday.

Botcheck reported that “David Hogg” and “Laura Ingraham” were the top two-word phrases being shared by Russia-linked accounts.

Russian Collusion, Not At All

The left’s accusations are ironic given the fact that it is the Democrats who have embraced the Russian ideology and their far-left ideological twins in the USA.

Journalists are making fools of themselves. The only evidence they have is hashtags on dashboards that don’t allow anyone to independently confirm the accounts or tweets.

At best, it’s lazy reporting.

Russian Bot checker Hamilton is a product of the Alliance for Securing Democracy which touts itself as bipartisan although it’s comprised of neverTrumpers like Bill Kristol and Democrats.

Botcheck was created by two Berkeley students.

Neither of these do original reporting.

The truth is that every news situation is an opportunity for trolls to grab attention, provoke emotions, and spread propaganda. The Russian government knows it and exploits every opportunity.

Russian bots did not only trend Ingraham and Fox, but the media would have you think it is. If it is even true.

Russia-linked bot accounts typically seize on divisive issues in American politics. After the mass shooting in Florida, the following trended: Parkland, guncontrolnow, Florida, guncontrol, Nikolas Cruz, shooter, NRA, shooting, and teacher.

Every time the left doesn’t like what they hear, they attack viciously and they cry “Russia!”

People might want to keep in mind that it is the left in this country who think The Communist Manifesto is a bible, not the right.

A lot of real people tweeted support for Laura Ingraham this weekend

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