Media Notices a “Stinging” Remark by Trump, Ignores Stunning Wikileaks Email About Hillary


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Donald Trump had a stinging remark for a protester who disrupted his event in Pennsylvania on Friday, AOL reported.

This is the allegedly terrible comment.

“Here’s another one,” the Republican presidential nominee said when the demonstrator started making some noise.

The billionaire added: “Go home to mom! And your mother is voting for Trump! She’s voting for Trump! It’s true, it’s true.”

Earlier in the event, other protesters held up signs that had “TAX FORMS” emblazoned on them.

The group was loudly booed by Trump supporters as they were escorted out of the event, AOL lamented.

Oh man, how could they. That’s a micro aggression. Didn’t they have a safe place for them? They will need therapy now.

Meanwhile, a Wikileaks email came out which shows that Hillary might well become a puppet president with George Soros pulling the strings. George Soros will be our president. The email shows that at least in the case of Albania he gave her step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Jaw Dropping! What Soros Told Hillary


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