Media Overhypes Comey Hearing to Downplay Russia Story After 6 Months of Fake News


The Russia story is being downplayed after six months of fake news. The story is being turned around and the headline now is President Trump was reckless and wrong when he said Barack Obama “wiretapped” him. Trump did put the word “wiretap” in quotes. Trump’s career is now on the line, CNN reports.

For six months, we were told The FBI was surveilling Trump and his campaign because of ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. The story is being changed to now say Trump is losing all credibility for saying he was “wiretapped” or surveilled.

FBI Director Comey is expected to say Obama did not order wiretapping on Trump or his campaign.

However, there are obviously leaks which the media is ignoring in their reports.

Obviously there was surveillance since the calls that Trump made to the Presidents of Australia and Mexico were transcribed and the transcripts were leaked to the media. Obama probably didn’t order it, but his embeds just know what to do. It’s their whole purpose for being an embed.

There were so many other leaks, such as the leaks of Flynn’s conversations. There is surveillance and there are leaks.

General Hayden admitted last week that analysts at the very lowest levels can unmask the Americans and leak the information.

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