Media, Podesta Blatantly Lied About Roger Stone Working With Wikileaks


The dishonest media, CNN in particular, said Roger Stone got the story of Wikileaks having the Podesta emails before anyone else and could not have predicted it, therefore, Stone and Wikileaks were in collusion, or so the story goes.

This video is replete with lies but we will only deal with the one about Stone. Podesta is clearly the person who came up with the Russia collusion story.

Steven Malzberg of Newsmax had Roger Stone on his show and asked him for the sequence of events.

Malzberg said investigative reporter Jerry Corsi sent him a long memo in July of last year about the Podesta brothers financial dealings in Eastern Europe. This was at the time of the Manafort “scandal”, but Stone said they knew that “Tony and John’s activities in the region are far more nefarious and corrupt than anything Manafort is even accused of.”

Corsi and Stone put their heads together and wrote down the accusations against the brothers.

“We outline the Podestas, organized crime, bank fraud, money laundering and so on. My tweet specifically says Podesta’s time in the barrel will come or something along those lines. Notice it does not say #Wikileaks, #Assange. So the crazy left added two and two and came up with six, the numbers said…on CNN Mr. Podesta said Stone foreshadowed the email. No I did not. The words email or Wikileaks are nowhere in my comment. It’s a wild guess.”

“CNN have the journalistic ethics to have Stone on to refute the lie. That’s what real organizations do.”

Look at the actual tweet. The media continually says he #Wikileaks and it’s a complete fabrication. They know it’s a fabrication.

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