Media, Politicos Ignore Hillary’s .44 Magnum Smoking Gun


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The FBI has intensified their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

A top intelligence advisor calls at least one of Hillary’s crimes a .44 Magnum smoking gun.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, appeared on the Fox Business Network to discuss the latest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email story. He described the discovery of beyond-Top Secret material on Clinton’s unsecured email server as “absolutely enormous.”

“We’ve talked about numerous smoking guns,” said Dr. Gorka. “This is the biggest. This is the .44 Magnum of smoking guns.”

The meaning of the TOP SECRET-SAP, or Special Access Program, designation is “one of the highest classifications out there,” covering sensitive material all the way up to the United States’ nuclear weapons program.

“When you think about it, our nuclear programs are on SAP,” Gorka said.

“The idea that we’re putting these onto private, unguarded servers… this means that any enemy nation could penetrate and get access to those secrets, which undermines our national security, or could lead to the Secretary being blackmailed,” said Gorka, referring to Clinton’s time served as Secretary of State.

“Listen to how she parses the words,” he said, quoting her now-famous soundbite. “‘I did not receive or send information marked classified.’ That doesn’t matter. It’s not the marking that makes a government piece of information classified. It’s the nature of the information.”

“And secondly, there’s the issue of what if Anonymous, or the Chinese, accessed that information on her private server?” he continued, referring to the Anonymous hacker collective. “And she’s in the White House, and they start to blackmail her, saying: ‘If you don’t do this, with regards to something that matters to us, we’re going to let out what you really did.’ So she’s eminently blackmailable, in addition to the issue of the security of our future information.”

Watch Mr. Gorka:

Some formidable Americans are speaking out, saying the only possible conclusion to Hillary’s email scandal is to indict Hillary Clinton. Former attorney general under George W. Bush, Michael Mukasey said as much on Fox News during a Monday interview with Neil Cavuto.

Former U.S. House Majority leader Tom DeLay told Newsmax TV Monday that the FBI is ready to indict, though he meant recommend to indict. “They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”

DeLay said he has friends inside the bureau who have provided him with this information.

The FBI can only return a recommendation to indict. It will be up to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Given Barack Obama’s recent praise of Hillary, it all seems questionable.

The New York Post has been following Hillary’s many abuses of national security and most recently,  the FBI is investigating whether her closest advisers “cut and pasted” material from the government’s classified network to send it to her private email address.

This information comes from former State Department security officials.

Clinton and her top aides had access to Pentagon-run classified networks that included Secret information, the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), and a separate system used for Top Secret communications, The Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet).

The systems are closed and sell-contained. NIPRNet can send some select emails outside the government but otherwise what’s on one does not get transferred to the other or outside the system.

Classified email from SIPRNet and the more highly secure JWICS appeared in the 1,340 classified emails on Hillary’s basement server. In addition, also found were several sent by the CIA this month, flagged as Ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs.

Huma Abedin is one of three aides who sent emails with classified materials to Hillary. Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan are also being looked into as possibly having sent classified materials. There are two emails in Hillary’s releases where she tells Jake Sullivan to send classified information to her unsecured server.

“Just email it,” Clinton snapped, to which Sullivan replied: “Trust me, I share your exasperation. But until ops converts it to the unclassified email system, there is no physical way for me to email it.”

In a recently released email, Clinton instructed Sullivan to convert a classified document into an unclassified email attachment by scanning it into an unsecured computer and sending it to her without any classified markings. “Turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” she ordered.

“Receiving Top Secret SAP intelligence outside secure channels is a mortal sin,” said Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, the Washington-based public law firm and government watchdog that has successfully sued State for Clinton’s emails.

“A regular government employee would be crucified, and they are, routinely,” added Farrell, who as a former Army counterintelligence agent investigated such violations.

Clinton signed the same NDA – non-disclosure agreement – CIA Director David Petraeus signed and it is on the basis of that form that he has been prosecuted and is still facing further ruination.

“[There are] 13 violations of federal law that she arguably committed,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program. “This is about as clear as it gets. It is a crime to negligently handle top secret material.”

The Obama administration officials appear to be so arrogant that they brag about sharing secret information.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry uncovered a 2013 video by former state Department official Wendy Sherman, who served in the Obama and Clinton administrations, and was caught on video saying, “Now we have blackberries and it has changed the way diplomacy is done. Things appear on your blackberry that would never be on an unclassified system. You’re out traveling. Trying to negotiate something.”

Sherman cited the example of Clinton’s September 2011 visit to the United Nations general assembly, where the then secretary of state, met with lady Ashton of the European union, and they conducted delicate mideast peace negotiations.

They sat there as they were having their meeting with their blackberries transferring language back and forth, to multitask in quite a new fashion. To have the meeting at the same time working on the court’s statement.

The entire administration should be indicted. They want to be fast at the expense of national security.

Read more at the NY Post and Newsmax



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