Media preys on Trump as he receives a grand welcome at Buckingham


The media is out to embarrass Trump and he only just arrived in London today, but the Royal family seems undeterred and welcomed him in a grand manner.

The President said that the primary source of U.S. news in London is CNN. That’s terrible to hear. Trump suggested if people stop using AT&T, they would have to be “forced to make changes at CNN.”

On the eve of the President’s State visit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote a vicious op-ed trashing the United States President.

The President responded to the London mayor’s vicious op-ed in tweets while traveling to London.

The news this morning is that a London museum wants to buy the baby Trump blimp.

The Guardian claimed last June, when he was greeted by Theresa May, that he is not welcomed in England. This time around they are just trashing him for every move he makes and twisting his words.

For example, the President responded to Sadiq Khan’s vile op-ed in two tweets so they phrase it as the President insults their mayor as he gets off the plane. He tweeted that CNN is London’s major U.S. news program and the Guardian writes, “Trump meets Queen at Palace after bemoaning lack of Fox News – live”

CNN is claiming in their headlines that the President started out with an “awkward moment,” “Trump arrives in Britain throwing rhetorical punches,” and “the President receives a ceremonial welcome just hours after he slammed London’s mayor on twitter, calling him a ‘stone cold loser.'” Naturally, they didn’t mention what Khan did to him.

CBS News had to put a nasty twist to it by quoting a Royal commentator for CNN.

The media is even bragging about Obama getting a standing ovation at an NBA game as if that doesn’t look planned.

While the media will make the President look as bad as possible and even try to create some sort of scandal, the truth is he is getting a grand welcome.


The media simply wants to divide us from the Brits.

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