Media Refuses to Report on This Dangerous UN Pact


The UN’s global and mass migration pact is one of the most impactful and dangerous of UN pacts to date and it will destroy the Western World if allowed to proceed.

It makes mass migration a human right and it creates a world of entitled people. Ot is the neo-communism.

The UN Migration Pact is binding in the sense that they weaponize political and moral norms. Anyone making a claim based on the pact can take the case to court. How do you realistically fight it if it comes from the UN and you have agreed to it?

They openly state the media should take an active part in advocating for it. They also claim there will be open discussion but the rules are already decided.

A German reporter explains the dangers in under two minutes.

If Hillary Clinton had won, we would be signed on. She made it clear the USA was ready to take in another 300 million foreigners.

Some of the rules are:
    • detention only as a measure of last resort,
    • enhance all assistance to the illegals,
    • provide all basic services to so-called migrants,
    • empower invaders with full inclusion and social cohesion,
    • eliminate all discrimination and do so in the public discourse [in other words, the media],
    • train them,
    • create conditions for migrants to fully contribute to sustainable [socialist] development in all cointries,
    • foster financial inclusion and rush money to them,
    • give them social security and all entitlements, and so on.

If these migrants are so great, why do we have to train them, support them, and why does the media have to advocate for them?

This migrant pact will destroy the Western World and beyond.

The fool in Canada, pajama boy elitist, signed on to it.

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5 years ago

J e w s

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Face it…no more countries…and if your country is reasonably successful in their overall modus operandi the UN will create a migrant/refugee problem and overrun your country with useless illiterate parasites from ‘failed’ countries so that your country will be overwhelmed and become like the miserable squalid countries the migrant/refugees came from…and in the meanwhile the smart parasites in the UN continue to prosper…as everyone/thing is reduced to the “lowest common denominator”…

5 years ago

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