Media Reports ‘Stocks Stumble to More Records’ [Highs]


You may have already seen this on Newsbusters or Reddit, but in case you haven’t, here it is again. The pathetic headlines of our pathetic MSM can’t quite represent the economy or the stock market accurately. They do and they don’t, but mostly they mislead. The headlines are the worst, especially on Twitter.

The LA Times seemed to start the latest misrepresentation with their ‘stocks stumble’ headline on the 7th, despite the fact that the stocks were hitting record highs, including on the 7th. How do you stumble to more record highs, Newsbusters asked. Beats us!

Their online title was, “Stocks settle on records on conflicting trade reports,” and after Twitter made fun of them, they tweeted, “For 53 million Americans stuck in low-wage jobs, the road out is hard.” The tweet included a photo showing “unions for all” marchers, a group mostly comprised of foreigners.

On the first of November, they gleefully announced stocks slumped, even though stocks are up more than 50% under this President. On Friday, they tweeted, “Stocks push past latest trade-war confusion to more records.”

They just can’t bring themselves to admit the stocks are doing well despite the trade war.

So, how did the rest of the media handle it? We are sure you know. Many saw the soaring stocks as ‘STUMBLES.”

If I put “Stocks Stumble to Records” on my website, I’d be pilloried by the Internet PC police for a deceptive headline. The LA Times only has the highest ratings from the fact-checkers. Awesome!

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