Media Rushes to Serena’s Side as She Cries Sexism


Serena Williams chalked up three violations Saturday and was penalized a point and a game during the U.S. Open, Women’s finals. The violations came with a $17,000 fine. Serena earned the violations, but she accused the umpire, Carlos Ramos of sexism because he allegedly treats men differently.

Since then, media have jumped to her side, claiming this same umpire lets men off the hook when they have similar violations.

CBS News, one of several outlets siding with Serena, titled their article, Serena Williams’ U.S. Open loss may be the grossest example of sports sexism yet.

Rarely, if ever, have we seen Serena Williams, arguably the best player to ever step on the court, reduced to tears during a match. We’ve seen her fiery. We’ve seen her enraged. But eye filled with tears, voice cracking, as she defiantly defends her position and demands the respect she has more than earned? This was new.

Sparring repeatedly with chair umpire Carlos Ramos, Williams refused to back down, and in doing so, highlighted the double standard in expectations and discipline that exists for men and women on the biggest stages in professional tennis. Several of her male peers took to Twitter to lament the unfortunate.

CBS pointed to several examples in the article in which they say Ramos went easy on the men in similar circumstances.

Of course, the men should be treated the same as the women, but Serena was accused of cheating, she screamed repeatedly, called the umpire names, smashed her tennis racket onto the court, wouldn’t back off, and she spoiled the win for the winner, Naomi Osaka.

After the game, her coach admitted she cheated.

She shouted out, “I’m here fighting for women’s rights”.

After the game, she portrayed her reaction as a courageous stand on behalf of women. Does that excuse her bad behavior?

Serena has in the past threatened the support personnel and has had outbursts. The Spectator has a different take from the mainstream media on this link.

So what do you think?


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That match was a disgrace.I am not a Serena fan just like I am not a Tiger fan because they have acted as if they are better than everyone else and deserve special treatment. She was an incredibly poor sport. Was the initial call BS? Probably, but the coach said he cheated. Everyone cheats. No one is called for it. She should have taken that and just moved on. No real harm or foul. But for her to act like a big baby and break rackets and then yell and have a tantrum saying you owe me a point and an apology was ridiculous. Her opponent beat her 6-3 in the first set and she was frustrated. Could the ump have handled it better? Probably but what Serena did took away from a 20 year old winning her first major. Enough with the pampering of these pre-madonas.

Gary Bear Millsaps
Gary Bear Millsaps
4 years ago

At least she didn’t scream “racism”. [Just sayin’………….]

4 years ago

She tried to make tennis a protest forum like football is. After such fame and millions made, why no humility?

4 years ago

“After the game, her coach admitted she cheated.”
I think Serena did work hard to get where she was, but she fairly lost the game. Unfortunately, she was never taught to accept defeat gracefully and displayed herself as a sore loser, which she was. Leftists always create a path to loserdom: right or wrong they will always defend one of their own and this helps create losers in more ways than one.
Serena was schooled on how to play the leftist ‘victim card’ and took the easy way out, the only way she knew: she cheated!

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

She swore she never cheated. But then they admitted she did.