Mainstream Media Sanitizes Florida Airport Terror Attack


Esteban Santiago taken to holding after he was arrested.

The Mainstream media is reporting only some of the facts in this case and they are emphasizing the killers Iraq War service. They’ve settled on PTSD as the cause and fail to inform the public of the full picture. Mainstream media sanitizes as they deem fit.

The media is calling this a mass shooting when it could be a deliberate and planned terror attack. There is a lot not being discussed.

He Wanted to Attack a Major City

The Florida airport killer allegedly planned to fly to New York on New Year’s Eve, but later canceled his ticket and flew on a one-way fare to Florida instead.

Esteban Santiago Ruiz aka Aashiq Hammad who shot and killed five people and wounded six others at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Friday canceled an earlier trip to New York City, ABC News reported. 

Actually, he is “suspected” of the crime. However, he is on video committing the crime and was captured at the scene, identified by eyewitnesses.

He planned a terror attack in a major city and changed his plans from one city to another in a very deliberate manner.

Reports continually mention his Iraq War service based in part on his family’s comments and one incident at the FBI. They suggest he has PTSD. However, he took the name Aashiq Hammad in 2007 and recorded Islamist songs at that time. One song that he chanted was sufficient for conversion.

He served in Iraq in 2010.

Santiago may be insane but that could be true of most terrorists.

Santiago being escorted to prison.

In the photo below, Esteban is making an ISIS gesture. The media reported that it could mean something else and never mentioned it again.

Mainstream Media Refuses to Mention Anything Beyond PTSD

FBI spokesman George Piro said during a Friday night news conference on the Fort Lauderdale shooting that the agency was looking at other states Santiago may have been connected to.

It is unclear whether New York City may have been his original target.

Federal law enforcement officers and local police flooded the streets of New York City on New Year’s Eve. Santiago chose to kill vacationing senior citizens instead.

Perhaps that is the reason he decided against New York City. The airport is a gun-free zone and the over 50 crowd going on cruises generally aren’t packing.

Initially, unnamed eyewitnesses quoted the killer as yelling, “I’m not Jewish”.  Reports now say he never said a word.

Two months before his Friday shooting spree, Santiago walked into an Alaska FBI office with his infant child “to report that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency, the special agent in charge there told reporters on Saturday. He said he was having terroristic thoughts and believed he was being influenced by ISIS, police added.

His brother, Bryan Santiago, told Telemundo that he was taken by police for a mental health evaluation and was released after four days.

If he is so mentally ill, why was he out in four days? Maybe he knew what he was doing and was just evil? He planned it and seems to have been originally heading for New York City.

Gun Control Was Brought Up

He got his gun back and there is no gun control law that would have stopped him.

Records also show the Santiago had been arrested in January 2016 for assault and criminal mischief after a violent argument with his girlfriend in Anchorage.

Some Democrats pointed out this case as a reason for gun control, but that seems to be dissipating, perhaps because mental illness isn’t the entire story. He appears to have been ill prior to his tour of duty in Iraq in 2010 and he has an affinity for Islam. The attack looks like a terrorist attack on a soft target.

Click the link for more details on Esteban Santiago Ruiz

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bill gullen
bill gullen
7 years ago

“He got his gun back and there is no gun control law that would have stopped him.”

so a vet with ptsd reaches out to authority, confesses his mental instability and an inclination to kill.
three agencies then show him the door, return his weapon, and basically tell him to have a nice day.
this was a major fail for all the agents, officers, and ‘professionals’ involved; folks like us paid for it
with their lives. that is where the media narrative and the focus of American’s should be…b

bill gullen
bill gullen
7 years ago
Reply to  bill gullen

and i’m really tired of you sites’ word processor that converts full paragraphs to one line drop offs…b

bill gullen
bill gullen
7 years ago
Reply to  bill gullen

and a very happy new year to you ms. noble.
my comment above began life as a nice, fat, even margined paragraph.
now look at the poor thing…
because mr. cummings and myself both lack respect for caps i spend an inordinate amount of time scrutinizing my grammar, sentence orphans, and punctuation. all that goes out the window when i click “post comment”.
i’ve tried running everything off the right side and sometimes i’ll take it all back to wordpad and reassemble the margins with a collective guess before i post. every once in a blue moon work translates well and i fall off my chair.