Media Shiny Object: Trump’s Firing Liar Kelly, Porter Beats Wives


Rob Porter

The New York Times, NBC, ABC, Cable TV ignored the FBI/DoJ scandals this week but they’re hysterical over the Porter-Kelly “scandal”. They say that President Trump is ready to fire Chief of Staff John Kelly. According to them, he gave one account of Rob Porter one day and a different one the next.

Even Fox News bought into that possibility.

Their information comes from all anonymous senior White House sources. It could be the mail boy and the receptionist.

NBC went so far as to say this situation proves John Kelly is “not the hero Americans think he is”. They insist the President is angry with Kelly. CNN said Kelly “couldn’t have handled the situation worse”.

The story that Kelly ignored a wife beater wasn’t colorful enough for the media so they came up with the Kelly is a liar story. Anonymous sources told The Washington Post he told senior staff to give a false account of how he handled the domestic violence allegations against aide Rob Porter.

Mind you, we don’t know if the two wives are telling the truth. One has a photo of a black eye but who knows. We don’t know if any of this is true. The media no longer presents evidence, just hysteria.

This is all a little too convenient. Let’s not forget all the scandals that have come out this week:

  • Nunes memo shows corruption at the highest levels of the DoJ and FBI
  • The Senate memo backs up the Nunes memo with more information tying Hillary’s campaign to the corrupt agency. Top officials are named. The FISA warrant appears to be based on gossip from Hillary’s closest allies.
  • The FBI informant ties Hillary to the Russian bribery scheme in a pay-to-play operation.
  • Democrat John Warner communicated with a lobbyist for a Russian tied to the Kremlin and he wanted no paper trail. He communicated in secret.

So, what are we talking about? We are focused on anonymous sources claiming John Kelly is about to be fired.

The entire “scandal” is ginned up by the media. It’s not that Kelly handled the situation poorly, it’s that the media made it into a catastrophe.

I don’t know if Trump is angry with Kelly and I don’t know if the retired general tried to lie, but I do know we shouldn’t trust the media.

If it’s true that Trump is angry about Kelly’s handling of the Porter case, why did he come out strongly on behalf of Mr. Porter Friday?

The President said:

“He says he’s innocent. I think you have to remember that. He said very strongly yesterday that he’s innocent,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

“It’s obviously a tough time for him. He did a very good job in the White House. And we hope he has a wonderful career,” Trump added. “But we absolutely wish him well.”

The media is angry with the President for not expressing sympathy for the women. They want him to convict Porter and destroy him completely.

According to Reuters’ anonymous sources, Trump has been privately complaining about Kelly and wondering whether to replace him [according to two sources familiar with the matter].

They wrote further: “If he (Trump) draws scrutiny to himself, he’s OK with that. But when the staff draws scrutiny to him, he does not appreciate that,” said one of the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity.

All anonymous people, Democrats I bet.

The media is fine with ruining peoples’ lives to get clicks and to hurt the administration. It’s best to not be too quick to judge this situation and don’t forget the real scandals.

Mr. Porter’s job had nothing to do with his personal problems with wives and it would have been decided by his security clearance issue eventually in any case.

This story isn’t that important.


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