Media Sides with Iran! “Has the Left Ever Been More Morally Bankrupt?”


The mainstream media is siding with Iran in opposition to President Trump, if they say anything at all. The MSM is protecting the terror nation of Iran as best they can. While the pussy-hatted women remain silent, the conservative women champion the Iranians pulling off their headscarfs despite the threat of imprisonment.

This next tweet says it best.

Iran has blocked Instagram/messaging out of the country, threatened protesters, and murdered ten that we know of, as the protests continue after three days and nights during which throngs have taken to the streets, torn down Khamenei posters and chanted, “Death to the dictator, death to Russia”, while promising a fight to the death.

The guardian posted Iranian propaganda in their one-sided article.

Iran’s interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazil, said on Sunday that authorities would not tolerate the “spreading of violence, fear and terror”, which he said would “definitely be confronted”.

“Those who damage public property, disrupt order, people’s security and break the law must be responsible for their behaviour and should answer and pay the price,” he said, according to the website of the state broadcaster Irib…

…The deputy governor for Lorestan, Habibollah Khojastehpour, said police and security guards had not opened fire, and instead blamed “Takfiri groups” – Iran’s term for Sunni extremists – and foreign intelligence services. “Unfortunately in these clashes two citizens from [the city of] Doroud were killed,” he said.

Then there is this lie:

Many senior figures within the reformist camp and the opposition Green movement remain perplexed as to how to respond to the current wave of unrest. The sharp nature of some of the slogans, which have challenged the foundations of the Islamic republic, have left them mute.

CNN Quotes Iranian Front Groups

CNN is also doing their part, quoting Iranian front groups like the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), and claiming it’s not a revolution, just a civil rights movement or some angst over economic concerns.

That is similar to the lie coming out of the International Crisis Group as well. They’re funded by George Soros. It’s nothing, not a movement, not a revolution, it’s nothing, according to them.

They made it about Trump and his tweet warning Iran. Quoting Trita Parsi of the front group NIAC, “This is not about Trump, and Trump stepping into this is not necessarily helpful, because he doesn’t carry any credibility in Iran.”

The left is amoral and without any regard for the leadership of the United States, which they undermine on every issue, every day.

Yesterday,CNN quoted the propaganda of the Iranian state news agency Tasmin, even using the Iranian news agency’s cover photo, while they equated a couple thousand pro-government supporters in the streets to the many thousands tearing down Khamenei posters and marching down the streets of cities throughout Iran.

“Crowds of pro-government supporters demonstrated Saturday in Iran after two days of rare anti-government protests which spread to a number of cities,” CNN reported.

“Nearly 2,000 people gathered peacefully in the capital, Tehran, in support of the government’s policies, an eyewitness there said. State-run Iranian broadcasters showed demonstrators waving the Iranian flag at the pro-government rally, which had been scheduled before the anti-government protests broke out. Meanwhile, coverage of the anti-government protests was very limited on state-run media, which referenced them only in passing,” it continued.

Meanwhile, they made no mention of the thousands Iran has jailed and the ten who have been murdered nor of the ominous threats by Iran officials to anyone who protests.

NY Times Tells Trump to Shut Up

The NY Times also made it about Trump, telling him in a headline to basically shut up – they actually said, “Be Quiet”. Their paragraph minimizing Obama’s support for the regime was particularly telling. They wrote:

Even if Mr. Obama’s support might have somehow been helpful to the Iranian opposition, Mr. Trump’s almost certainly will not be. Whatever Iranians think of their own government, they are unlikely to want as a voice for their grievances an American president who has relentlessly opposed economic relief for their country and banned them from traveling to the United States.

Obama gave them at least $1.7 billion in cash and promoted business in Iran. The money is being used for terrorism which is why the people are protesting. They’re suffering while the Mullahs build the bomb, develop their ICBM program and sponsor terrorism throughout the world. They have ignore the Hezbollah story.

The entire article minimized Iran’s guilt and projected fear at the possibility of the President cancelling the absolutely awful Iran nuke deal.

WaPo Guards the Democracy

The Washington Post, a self-declared standard bearer of democracy – not the Republic of course, fights the alleged dictator Donald Trump with an article, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

How appropriate to post that as the Mullahs terrorize their own people protesting the regime’s abuse.

With their usual amoral ideological stance, the media, except Fox News, is drawing the lines of mortal equivalency, minimizing the horror that is terrorist Iran, and making it about our alleged dictator Donald Trump who is trying to restore the rule of law.

Maybe this is the problem…

Meanwhile in Iran….

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