Media Ties GOP #ReleaseTheMemo to…Wait for It…RUSSIANS!


The hashtags ‘release the memo’ and ‘far worse than Watergate’ are trending on Twitter, but the left-wing media and politicians have made their move to destroy its importance before anyone has even seen the memo in question.

The four-page intelligence memo will be so “explosive” and “so alarming”, GOP congressmen say, that it will likely end the Mueller probe, get top officials fired, and some will go to jail, according to GOP who have seen it. Democrat congressmen say “it’s nothing” but won’t allow it’s release. The media is striking back on the side of the left, even before the public has seen the memo.

Rep. Adam Schiff

The evil empire of today’s media has launched their attack and it is creative. Ingeniously, the claim is that Russian bots are behind it in some way or the GOP is somehow tied to them. Plus there is the ever-reliable partisan Adam Schiff. Rep. Schiff says it’s full of factual errors and the GOP are just trying to end the Russia-Trump investigation.

Prior to its release, NBC News has gone all-out to tie it to Russian trolls and bots and put down any value it might have. They won’t even wait for the memo. The title of their article is, Right-wing demand to #ReleaseTheMemo endorsed by Russian bots, trolls, and it begins: The latest attempt by some Republicans in Congress to discredit the Trump-Russia investigation has been embraced by Russian bots and trolls on social media.

The media outlet reports that “#Releasethememo” is now the top trending hashtag among Russian bots and trolls on Twitter and other platforms, according to the German Marshall Fund‘s Hamilton 68″ website, which tracks Russian influence campaigns.

The General Marshall Fund is a left-wing, heavily European-model think tank, with ties to Barack Obama. The president of GMF is Karen Donfried, who joined in April 2014. Donfried was previously special assistant to former president Barack Obama.

From what the GOP are saying, Obama was at the head of the corruption exposed by the memo.

Tying Russians to the GOP congressmen and a memo that is said to expose corruption in the DoJ and FBI is clever, but they didn’t stop there.

The article promotes how Democrats feel: Democrats say the memo is the latest attempt by President Trump’s allies in Congress to discredit the Russian investigation and denigrate the law enforcement professionals who are running it. They say it’s a disturbing example of how the Republicans are working hand-in-glove with Russian bots and trolls to push what the Democrats see as harmful distortions.

After that, they repeat rants by partisan Adam Schiff who suddenly finds himself supporting law enforcement.

It’s nice to know that Democrats finally support law enforcement but it took a possibly corrupt DoJ/FBI administration to do it.

The remainder of the article simply puts down claims by Republicans. NBC News definitely doesn’t want the memo released and if it is, they’re ready.

They’re not alone. Rolling Stone, a hard-left and often inaccurate publication, is using the same line in their article: Release the Memo: What’s the Conspiracy Behind the Right-Wing Meme.

They simply emphasize the Russian bot premise and claim it’s an effort by House Republicans to “discredit Robert Mueller and demolish his investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russian collusion…”

Naturally, Rolling Stone has the President convicted. They proceed to demonize the men fighting to get it released, never failing to call them “hard-right”. Devin Nunes, a courageous man, is front-and-center as the media tries to turn his well-earned good reputation to pulp.

When they don’t have an argument, they won’t print truth, they will destroy.

“Hard-right” today is anyone who fights the hard-left which Rolling Stone most certainly is. They too quote Adam Schiff.

Both publications put up Donald Trump Jr.s ‘Release the Memo’ tweets because they have already discredited him as a Russian collaborator.

CNBC has much the same article as does Business Insider, Voice of America, CNN, and other lesser sites though we don’t doubt other, more prominent newspapers, are gearing up.

CBS didn’t mention trolls but focused on Adam Schiff’s version. Schiff’s trying to say it’s too top secret and it’s rife with factual errors. The GOP says it was over-classified to keep it from Americans’ view.

So, release it and let Americans decide.

For those who haven’t noticed, we are engaged in a Civil War with only one side fighting with the exception of a handful of committed Republicans. It is a battle for the soul of America between the hard-left and all who dare to try and maintain American values.

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