Media Turns the Murder of a Muslim Teen by an Illegal Alien Into a Fake Hate Crime


Twitter photos of Nabra Hassinen and Darwin Torres

Nabra Hassanen, 17 years of age, was brutally murdered by an illegal alien in Virginia on Sunday. She was by all accounts a great kid, friendly, religious and a good student. She was killed after she left her mosque with a group of friends.

Instead of relating facts, the media and CAIR spun a tale of a non-existent bias crime

The Atlantic wrote about the fear Muslims feel over Islamophobia. “Muslim Americans are mourning—and terrified—after two violent incidents left worshippers dead over the weekend during the holy month of Ramadan,” they wrote.

CAIR said they represent her family but failed to mention the killer’s motives. They cited the alleged rise in hate crimes against Muslims.

Huffington Post wrote “Nabra Hassanen was a Muslim. She was a woman. She was a person of color. And her tragic death is another reminder that carrying all of these identities in America today can be a heavy, heavy burden.”

The Daily Beast ran the headline, “Will Donald Trump Ever Be Interested In the Death of a Muslim?” leading with the story about Hassanen.

BET jumped in, writing, “Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen was brutally beaten to death and police aren’t calling it a hate crime.”

That was the gist of the media narrative only none of it was the case and the media knew it. The police were never investigating a hate crime and reported that on several occasions.

The police told the family and the media that there is no reason to suspect a hate crime. It didn’t seem to matter.

Documentary filmmaker and DREAMer Jose Antonio Vargas responded to news about the illegal alien killing Hassanen by implying “we need more facts and context,” despite multiple statements from the police.

The story being told in the media was false

Torres is in the United States illegally from El Salvador.

Darwin Martinez Torres, 22 years of age, pursued the group of teens because he thought a boy on a bike was blocking his car. It was road rage that propelled him to kill, not anti-Muslim hate.

Torres stopped his car and chased the kids with a bat. When Nabra fell, he smashed her in the head with the bat. He then kidnapped her, dragging her into his car, beating her again, finally dumping her in a pond near his apartment. There are reports that he sexually molested the girl.

CNN then wrote about the violence and terror youth face in El Salvador, explaining many have fled the country for safe harbor.

A number of networks have begun to ignore the story. The NY Times admitted Torres was here illegally, but the Washington Post seems to have dropped the story over the last two days.

Vigils are to take place around the country according to two-day old reports. The media has greatly reduced coverage of them.

The only narrative they seem interested in is one that depicts this horrible murder as a case of Islamophobia.

Only it’s not a hate crime.

Since the story no longer fits their narrative, it will be quickly forgotten. An innocent young girl is dead at the hands of someone who had no business being in this country. That story is the one the media doesn’t want to tell.

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6 years ago

Pretty damned disgusting. She looked like a good kid. Yet to fit the narrative, the story is re-written and no one under the Progressive umbrella blinks an eye.