While the Media Watches Russian Protests, Central Paris Is Burning Again


While the media goes bonkers over the Russian protests, they have failed to notice that Central Paris is burning. The Chinese community has gone wild because a 56-year old Chinese father of five – Shaoyo Liuwas – was shot by an anti-crime brigade policeman [BAC] after they were called to the home on a domestic dispute. The police said it was self-defense but occupants of the apartment where he was shot said he was only cutting up fish.

The victim is said to have attacked one of the BAC members in the chest with a pair of scissors and another officer shot the culprit who could not be resuscitated.

The family is filing a complaint because they say the father just went to the door with scissors because he was cutting fish. How they landed in the officer’s chest is unclear.

The immigrants – these are Chinese nationals – think it’s appropriate to riot though the media in France is calling it a demonstration.

About 200 “demonstrators” are seen here battling police in the war zone of Paris.

They’re setting cars on fire. [Clashes still going on in the streets near the police station of the 19th. Vehicle burned.]

Police are running and ducking for cover. Why don’t they shoot them with some rubber bullets? Just wondering.

They’re throwing molotov cocktails on the police. Send them back to China.

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