Media Won’t Want You to Know What These Black Pastors Said About Donald Trump


Trump and supporters

The media has been counting the days until Trump drops in the polls. They were particularly disconcerted this past week by Trump’s meeting with a large group of black pastors at Trump Tower, which they later described as a failure.

NPR reported that Donald Trump’s meeting was described as a “get played moment” by attendees, and the NY Daily News told of pastors bashing black Trump supporters as “prostitutes”. Think Progress, a George Soros outlet, said Trump lied about the support he received. The NY Times is reporting that the support he received is crumbling under pressure.

What the media won’t tell you is Trump was telling the truth about the support he received during the meeting.

Watch the segment on MSNBC with Pastor Burns:

MSNBC Anchor: “He said I don’t think he speaks to the African American community. I think he’s said things that are disparaging about Latinos and minorities. He was pointing to a number of things where he sees conflict with Donald Trump. You don’t see that?”

Unknown Woman: “No. And he certainly didn’t say that in the meeting.”

Pastor Mark Burns: “I don’t know who you’re speaking about, but trust me, when I tell you, I’m not uncle Tom, no coon, nobody’s been paid. I have not been offered a position. This is me looking at the politics, and looking at an individual, a strong leader that I believe that’s going to bridge and bring a strength back to America.

And in that room, there were pastors from all across the country, that were showing their support, many of them signed actual documents, endorsement cards, showing their support. So obviously, you know, I can’t speak to this individual saying about Hispanics.

There were some Latinos that were even in the room, from Dr. mike Murdoch’s camp from Ft. Worth, Texas, brought Latinos from Brazil, Latinos from other Latin countries were with him from Texas in the meeting. And this preposterous tone of offensive things that he said about Latinos in the meeting, it’s a fabrication.”

In the next video, Dr. Darrell Scott, the pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, discusses the meeting. “No one came out with a negative reaction,” Scott said, and “everyone in that room likes Trump”.

Scott said the media is portraying him in a dishonest way…”we had a wonderful time, a wonderful dialogue, wonderful fellowship, wonderful interaction. It was a great day.”

He’s 100% in Trump’s camp.




  1. One of the things the establishment is afraid of is that early indications are Trump would not get the usual 4% of black vote, he could get 25%.

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