Meet Your New President via Wikileaks: Soros et al Destroying Repubs Without Leaving Fingerprints


ProgressNow Colorado

If you want slimy, underhanded Leftists handling the affairs of the nation, you’re with her. If you want George Soros and John Podesta as you new presidents, you’re with her.

Please check out the new Wikileaks email.

ProgressNowColorado defines itself on its website as a public relations shop promoting progressive ideals while pushing back on bad policies and bad behavior from the right wing. Wiki reports it was founded to counter a Libertarian organization specifically.

No matter what you hear, Progressivism is a form of regressive Communism. Anything Progress or Alliance tends to be tied to George Soros, Hillary’s benefactor, and John Podesta’s as well leftists like Tim Gill and Tom Steyer. For example ProgressNowColorado is run by Amy Runyon-Harms who was the Colorado Legislative Director for the Gill Action Fund.

Soros has been intimately involved with Gill and Steyer in steering money through secret organizations to Colorado Progressives to turn it permanently far-left.

Tim Gill’s LGBT network (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) is supported by George Soros.

MoveOn is also involved with pushing all of this.

The Gateway Pundit has a story up about these ties.

Look at the affiliates they list. These people are working with a vast and secretive network throughout our nation to destroy all views but theirs. They are manipulating all of us useful idiots.


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6 years ago

What the HELL has this country gotten itself into?