Mega-Rich Elizabeth Warren Demonizes the Rich Again


Elizabeth Warren, a faux Native-American, who is being talked about as a presidential contender, is slightly to the right of communist NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. She is out attacking the rich again though she is one of the mega-rich herself.

Warren's home
Elizabeth Warren’s home via Boston Curbed

She lives in this mansion pictured above in Cambridge though she is often out condemning the evil bankers and mortgage lenders.

She has a new book out called “Rigged” which claims our capitalist system is rigged for the wealthy.

“This book is about how Washington is rigged to work for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers and make sure that everything that they want gets done in Washington,” Warren said. “The game is rigged to work for those who already have money and power. I wrote this book because the way I see it, working families, they’re not looking for a handout. They’re not looking for some special deal. They just want a level playing field. They just want a fighting chance.”

“I wrote this book out of gratitude. I am the daughter of someone who ended up as a maintenance man, a woman who worked a minimum-wage job at Sears. And I ended up in the United States Senate because I grew up in an America that was investing in kids, that was building a strong middle class,” she said. “We’re not doing that anymore. And Washington isn’t working for families. It’s working for big corporations. It’s working for billionaires, not for families. And so this is just the continuation of my work. I wrote ‘A Fighting Chance’ because that’s what I want every kid to have.”

As a minority Native-American is must have been difficult also (irony here).

If the system is no longer doing that, maybe she should look to Barack Obama’s policies and hers for the answer.

In 2012, Warren told MSNBC, “I realize there are some wealthy individuals — I’m not one of them — but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios.”

Ironically, her financial disclosure report published in 2012 shows that she was worth about $8 million at that time and is indeed one of the 1%.

Even though she has said congress members shouldn’t own stock, she owns multiple mutual funds and stock in IBM.

She is the socialist brain behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and she was a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement even though she herself is in the 1%.

On the Sentinel’s hypocrisy meter, Warren almost sent the needle off the charts.




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