Mega Rich Hill Still Making Campaign Vendors Chase Her for $



Hillary Clinton, the self proclaimed “champion” of the working class, has a long troubling history of putting off payments to those very working class folks who’ve provided services for her presidential campaigns. Having previously gotten away with this bull, she’s apparently picking up now, where she left off in 2008.

Currently Hill is being chased by two police departments in Iowa.   Both the Des Moines and Marshaltown departments are owed money. The former is being stiffed to the tune of $1,800 for helping to manage an October Katy Perry concert. The Clinton crew said they’d pay as soon they get an invoice. The police provided a copy to WHOtv. It had been sent on November 19, 2015.

The good people of Marshaltown are awaiting reimbursement for $2,700. Those cops were asked to furnish additional security for 2 events. Police Chief Michael Tupper said, “I think the most frustrating part is these events cost a lot of money for our communities and it’s not just law enforcement that’s impacted….” The $2,700 doesn’t even cover, “…..costs that I incurred…”. A letter asking for payment was sent over 6 weeks ago.

It’s both interesting and informative to note socialist Bernie Sanders paid the hamlet up front, while capitalist Donald Trump, who was there on the same day as Hillary, has satisfied in full his $3,500 tab.

The $4,500 could be ignored if it didn’t reflect Clinton’s continued, dismissive treatment of those “little people”, who having already served her needs, are forgotten. So, a brief overview of how Hillary handled her 2008 debt should raise storm warnings for any businessperson considering offering their services. Spoiler alert: The last of her creditors was not fully compensated until December 31, 2012. That’s roughly 4 ½ years after ending her ill fated primary run against Barack Obama.

Here’s more chilling info. Six months following that defeat, Ms. Clinton still owed her vendors $7.5 million. But rather than dip into the tens of millions she and Bill had available via easily replenished cash or equity, they both chose, typically for them, to go tacky.

Here are examples of two of their more obnoxious schemes. Each was begun by asking people to “donate $5 or more” to Clinton’s coffers. In what amounted to little more than a human auction, the winning donors (picked by who?) could get a dinner with Hill or a day in New York City with Bill. The racket worked so well for Slick Willy in December of 2010, he did it again about 2 years later.

Hillary’s invite to her own lottery reveals a lot. It states, “Join me for dinner. Make a $5 contribution today.” Because, she continued, “….we’re working on retiring the debt we owe to small vendors all over the country.” If people have forgotten just how out of touch Hill was, by claiming she and hubby left the White House “dead broke”, this brief plea for dough and admission of non-payment to small businesses workers across the nation should remind us of her unrepentant elitism.

To wit, let’s get some perspective by comparing Clintonian earning power, to that of the folks they solicited. The “average American” works a 35.5 hour week, making $850. The hourly wage breaks down to approximately $24.50. Hill and Bill were being paid upwards of $225,000 for a 60 minute speech. The two of them could have split 33 hours, chatting with fellow elitists, and grossed $7.5 million. On the other hand, typical, U.S., middle class earners would have to log over 306,122 hours of much more demanding labor, before reaching that spectacular money milestone. And that’s assuming they weren’t waiting multiple years on a check from Mrs. Clinton.

Given what we know about her last campaign and how Hillary’s started this one, the latter mentioned might be a huge, misguided assumption.   Working class Americans can surely do a whole lot better than accepting aloof, condescending, shameless Hillary Clinton as their “champion”.


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Jan Williams
Jan Williams
6 years ago

Just another footnote to Clinton’s elitist class syndrome. Their minions probably don’t even know about their four (4) residence mansions, but they’re broke, don’t you know ?