Megyn Kelly Interviews Putin, Tells Him U.S. Intel Agencies Are Non-Partisan


Megyn Kelly scored her first interview as a host of the National Boshevik Corporation – NBC – with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We are not fans of the former KGB president, but the accusations are pointless without evidence and Putin’s frustration during the interview is understandable.

Kelly presented no evidence but expects Putin to believe the intel agencies are non-partisan during this interview.

Kelly said that by unanimous agreement of 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and bipartisan agreement of Republicans and Democrats, Russia hacked into Hillary’s emails and perpetuated a disinformation campaign through outlets like Sputnik. This misinformation was then pushed by aggregators and botnets, she said, adding that even Trump said he believes Putin was behind the hacking of the emails.

Putin said Russia was not behind the leak and he didn’t remember Trump saying Russia was behind the leak. Kelly said Trump did say it and read a quote.

Putin said [Kelly’s] colleagues’ interference in Russia’s domestic affairs is much more serious. He issued a subtle threat that there would be problems if it didn’t stop.

Russian President Putin wants to know where the evidence is. He said a three-year old could hack the election.

And what fingerprints, he asked, when she said only Russia’s fingerprints were on the hacked emails?

The problem is inside the American policy, Putin responded. At times, Putin said, he thought Trump overreached but he was wrong. As Putin said, Trump was more effective in the election. The other team doesn’t want to recognize their mistakes.”It’s not our fault”, he said. It’s like saying, “It’s the Jews to blame.”

They [Democrats] should work to rectify their mistakes, he advised.

He wanted to know “what disinformation”, but there were no facts forthcoming.

At one point, Putin said in frustration, “Oh, come on”.

Instead of assuming blame, Putin said, they said it was the Russians. “Just stop that please,” Putin said.

In both clips, Putin removes his earpiece, apparently annoyed – justifiably. Not a shred of evidence has been provided. We’re supposed to just trust politicized agencies. Most absurdly, Kelly said the intel agencies are nonpartisan. What a joke.

Where’s the beef?

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6 years ago

Kelly is a cockholster for the left and I’m glad Putin got his digs in making her look like a unprofessional journalistic toddler. Death by ratings is the way to fix this little cookie’s wagon and teach NBC a lesson too.

6 years ago

Is she fake or made a fake made by Russia. May be just her fake looks.

6 years ago

Many don’t know and are unaware that Putin was raised by a Jewish family and subsequent to their emigration to Israel he purchased a nice home for them.

Also, he’s allowed the Russian Jewish communities to flourish there. He’s become quite sympathetic to the Jewish people. This is a far cry from the rampant anti-Semitism of Europe by not only those in the public but even more so by the politicians themselves.