Meghan Kelly’s Bombshell Interview with woman fired over O’Keefe tape


Meghan Kelly interviewed the woman who was fired from CBS News over allegedly leaking the hot mic video of Amy Robach exposing ABC News for refusing to air damning footage of Jeffrey Epstein three-plus years ago.

The woman, Ashley Bianco, said she did not leak the tape, but CBS News fired her without letting her explain. Ms. Bianco said she never met James O’Keefe or ever heard of Project Veritas until now.

The whistleblower has come out to say they have the wrong person.

In the Meghan Kelly interview, Ms. Bianco says she just bookmarked the clip that occurred during a live broadcast. She never did a thing with it.

The whistleblower could have been anyone who had access to the tape or the live broadcast.

James O’Keefe has come out to say Ms. Bianco is not the whistleblower. The whistleblower has also said they have the wrong person.

The one thing that stuns is that ABC News doesn’t seem to care that they sat on this evidence while Jeffrey Epstein was perverting underage girls.

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