Meghan McCain Blows Up on Air! Censorship for Her But Not Navarro?


The producers of the ABC talk show “The View” attempted to censor panelist Meghan McCain on Friday for calling President Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, a “jacka$$.”

Cohen is a donkey’s behind but maybe that word is too offensive although it does aptly describe Cohen, a known liar. In any case, McCain blew up on air over the scolding she received from producers through her earpiece. It appears Ana Navarro was not rebuked for calling Cohen, “Trump’s jacka$$,” and that’s when McCain blew.

The episode started off when one panelist, Abby Huntsman, said she believes the upcoming testimony by Michael Cohen before the House Oversight and Reform Committee will be a lot of nothing. McCain seemed to agree with the point in a way.


She argued, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. And I think we are probably going to get some information. Will it be the damning Trump is imprisoned and impeached moment? Probably not, since it never is so far.”

“I honestly think Michael Cohen was a jackass from day one and I continue to think he’s a jackass. I don’t know what he could probably say to change that,” she continued.

Co-host Ana Navarro interjected to say that Cohen’s “Donald Trump’s jackass.” McCain interrupted and said, “Sorry, apparently you’re not allowed to say that, Ana. I just got it in my ear,” the angry daughter of John McCain shot out. “Sorry. Sorry, I can’t say that.”

“But the audience is in agreement with us that that guy seems shady,” she continued as he raised her voice. “I’m sorry, don’t censor us on what we’re allowed to say about a guy like Michael Cohen who’s about to rot in jail.”

Navarro’s free pass

The amazing thing is leftists on social media, who hated Michael Cohen, suddenly came racing to his defense to attack McCain, and it appears, not Navarro, who said the same thing.

The leftists think McCain’s hateful because she has an opinion different from theirs. They actually think she’s Trump’s great defender when, in fact, she is a never Trumper who didn’t vote for him.

In the end, do you really care what any of these silly people think?



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