Meghan McCain Is Back & She’s Angry, Says “Screw You” Raw Story


Raw Story recapped Meghan McCain’s first day back with a headline that reads, “The View’s Meghan McCain Tearfully Opens Up About Drinking Through Her Dad’s Cancer.”

On Monday, McCain shared that when her father, whom she shared a very close relationship with, was first diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, she got together with co-host Abby Hunstman and “got wasted.”

“She watched me down Jack Daniels after Jack Daniels after Jack Daniels and then I threw up and her sister held my hair back,” explained McCain.

Huntsman was pregnant at the time and did not drink.

“I had a rough day coming back to the show yesterday,” McCain said Tuesday. “It’s been hard, everybody knows that. And I talked about when I first found out my dad had terminal cancer, with the life span of 12 to 14 months.”

“I said that I got wasted, which I did that night,” she added. “And there was a headline that said, ‘The View’s Meghan McCain Tearfully Opens Up About Drinking Through Her Dad’s Cancer.”

“First of all, screw you!” McCain said. “I did not drink through my father’s cancer!”

She has been ranting about not surrendering and she’s not referring to the danger from the far-left. She’s talking about Donald Trump who wants to maintain our sovereignty and national character. Unfortunately, she said something about picking up her father’s mantle. It’s unfortunate she doesn’t have her father any longer and that she is suffering. But we don’t really need to hear any more McCainisms.



  1. Where would she really be if not for her “name’. And she’s not the only one who capitalizes on the family name. For these types I pay no heed.

  2. She has been nothing but a part of the US junk pop culture, from the moment she was inserted into the national stage. She is a spoiled brat handed a lucrative career undeservedly. She will make noise forever.

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