Meghan McCain Lashes Out at O’Reilly’s “Gross and Ghoulish” Tweet


Bill O’Reilly tweeted that Justice Ginsburg is very ill and a new Justice appointment is “inevitable and soon”, adding “bad news for the left.”

Meghan McCain blasted O’Reilly, a lot of people did. She called it “gross and ghoulish” in a tweet she now has pinned to the top of her Twitter page.


O’Reilly’s tweet was a little mean, and he could have said it more diplomatically or just wished her well. Perhaps he is unhappy with Mrs. Ginsburg for her role in the killing of the unborn.

He’s also wrong if the reports about her health are believed. Her doctors say they removed two cancerous lobes, discovered while they were examining her after she broke her ribs. They say she will be fine and there is no cancer anywhere else in her body. That makes one wonder why O’Reilly said it, unless he knows something we don’t. Just the same, it might have been better left unsaid.

On the other hand, everyone is thinking the same thing.

The left has been vocal about the possible death of Mrs. Ginsburg and are almost-seriously offering up their lungs to save her. Others want to destroy anyone who might replace her.

It would be an enormous change in the court and with Justice Roberts becoming Justice Kennedy, it would be an enormous help for the right.

That being said, we are sorry Justice Ginsburg is suffering. She’s 85 years of age and lost her husband about eight years ago. The frail Justice has fought colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and now lung cancer. We don’t want to see her in pain.

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