Meghan McCain tells Dems to “take this kill shot…hit his jugular”


The View is an evil show with a panel of nasty harpies whose only job is to demonize the President and Republicans. The show has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. How does anyone watch it? Today’s show was no better.

Meghan McCain, one of the token, fake Republicans on the show, got all worked up this week with the now-debunked story that the White House arranged to have the name of the USS McCain covered up during his trip to Japan. The ship is named after her father, grandfather, and great grandfather. It was an absurd story. Trump loves the military and would never dishonor these men and women like that. Maybe McCain didn’t get the message that it was a lie. She lost it today on the awful show when the topic of impeachment came up.

“…I will say if you take this kill shot, Democrats, ya better not miss. Ya better hit his jugular and if there’s even a finger still moving at the end of it you’re gonna ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well, if you’re gonna do it. And my faith in Democrats…”

Meghan McCain’s a Republican just like her father — a really bad one.

She then said she didn’t mean it literally, but she quickly melted into laughter.

    • She is fearful of Trump because he knows the truth about her father, Songbird McCain. He has always been disloyal to America and is an extremely spoiled, entitled opportunist. If you want to know the truth about John McCain, read Sydney Schanberg’s writings about him. Schanberg is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and an expert on the Vietnam war. He reveals many, but not all of McCain’s dirty deeds and betrayals to our country.
      With consistency, McCain had been disloyal right up until his death. He told the Republican senate colleagues when the votes were being whipped for the final vote on Obamacare that he was going to vote for it and turned around and voted against it. He is a modern day Benedict Arnold and Meghan either doesn’t know this or doesn’t want it revealed.

  • What a RINO she is. Her fat ass sucks, just like her killer dad did. He was responsible for the deaths of over 20 sailors. Only devil worshipers watch that show anyway.

    • This is a blatant invitation to kill the President. Is this not a punishable crime? She should be arrested immediately for fomenting violence on air. Prison time might teach her a lesson.

      • Agree, as she needs to be visited by the SS, and charged Accordingly for ‘suggesting that Some Nutcase do what she proposes.’ She is NOT IMMUNE from prosecution of threatening a Sitting President of the United States. Enough Already-charge HER!

  • Rich spoiled brats handed everything in life never turn out good. Imagine all the decent young people who would love a chance to get into entertainment, instead McCain’s daughter gets a slot.

    Imagine all the ladies that use The View as their “intellectual” exercise each weekday.

  • Poor ol’ Mehgan…You are just as miserable, pathetic, uncouth, and self centered as your rotten liberal father was.
    Too bad someone didn’t “take the kill shot” on the old man before he f’d up the healthcare vote.
    Do some homework about that POS you keep braying about…

    If only we had listened to McCain, we would have attacked:

    Tries to hide public access

    And here are his latest financial dealings….Just as big a whore as the Clintons
    EXCLUSIVE: Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute

    McCain and Graham in 2017 trying to convince the Ukraine to attack Russia!

    McCain Posing with Terrorist Kidnappers…
    McCain Poses With Alleged Terrorists — Proof That Involvement in Syria Is a Bad Idea

    You call this man a hero?…

    John McCain Is No “Hero POW”

    John McCain Is No “Hero POW”
    John McCain seriously violated the Military Code of Conduct by trading “military information” and making numerou…

    • I wish you would send your post Directly to McCain on the View show. She keeps making herself out to be a LIAR, just like her Dad, which Everyone KNEW he WAS. She keeps defending him since the $$$$ goes to her/family members..that HE took world-wide. McCain was a FRAUD, Money-Hungry, NON-HERO. She needs a lesson in Reality…please send her your post information..and Thank You.

  • Encouraging anyone to kill the President (or anyone else) is fomenting violence and needs to have her hauled before a judge and tried, convicted and put into prison.

  • Must be terrible to be as old as Meghan McCain and have no personal identifier other than the daughter of the war hero, John McCain, defender of Sir McCain of the roundtable! Everyday she is on that stupid show getting her hackles up if one small slight about her father, his legacy comes her way. Don’t see the Bush girls defending George W when criticism and spew came his way…nor even Chelsea about Mama or Papa Bear Clinton. Kennedy clan kept their mouths shut…why can’t Meghan. Seriously Meghan, get some counseling and get on with YOUR life…Quit living through your deceased father, it is pathetic.