#MeghanMcCain trending after she said, “I’m not living without guns”


Meghan McCain stood up for the right to own an AR-15, a very popular gun. She mentioned that Beto wants to take our guns, which he does, along with the rest of them. Joe Biden wants us to go back to muskets. The left is denying it even though we have videos of them saying it.

As far as taking away the AR-15, Meghan McCain said, “The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America … if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

“I’m not living without guns,” she said.

The left acts like she said I’m not living without killing people. They want us disarmed at all costs.

It is true that in many parts of the country, you really can’t live without guns and as Democrats make the country more dangerous, we will all need them.

The Twitter demons attacked her viciously. Go to about 14:00 for the full exchange. It is hard to understand how anyone could possibly watch this show.


She’s trending on Twitter because anything that provides an opportunity for the left — trends.

For that exchange, she was bashed on Twitter by people with almost no followers. They’re plants, but there are thousands of them on Twitter.

Many of the exchanges are too vulgar to repeat, but here are some of the tamer ones – I left out names because they’re nobody trolls, probably got the email from MoveOn to insult McCain:

Didn’t Meghan McCain say that she was leaving #TheView last season? She was walking proof that eugenics proponents have it ALL wrong when they say that poor people shouldn’t procreate…see what happens with McCains & Trumps? [105 followers]

lol, I mean gun violence is a public health crisis but leave it to Meghan McCain to cry about assault weapons being taken from her in the name of the public good *cries in entitlement* [This one has 4 followers]

Meghan McCain needs to just get off the show! Maybe she would experience what it’s like to have your child’s face blow apart! Honestly! #ItsNotAllAboutYOU [195 followers and the child did not have her face blown apart. Her mother put photos out and she’s smiling and beautiful]

Meghan McCain has become a complete and utter waste of human DNA. Boycott until they drop the dead weight. [700 followers]

Meghan McCain is a representation of Republican personality; guns are more important then lives, American lives they pretend to care so much about. [73 followers]

They even ripped her beautiful white suit, calling it her ‘white power’ suit. They’re racists calling the rest of us racists.

Who are the tolerant ones and the haters? Remind me!

And so it goes, on and on, anonymous people who are on a mailing list for some far-left groups and who go on to social media to rip Republicans when the opportunity presents itself. They, unfortunately, seem to have power. People need to understand that Twitter and Facebook are nothing. They are not real. They’re fake worlds with fake people. Don’t let them sway opinion.

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