Megyn Kelly, Lindsey Graham Make Surprising Admissions About Ted Cruz


Trump is a “media creation”, Rubio said last night. Attention for other less flashy candidates pales when compared to Trump and though much of the attention is negative, it works in Trump’s favor because people no longer believe the media, in fact many actively hate them.

Megyn Kelly admitted last night that there is a media bias against Senator Cruz which she believes is due to his reputation in the Senate. Cruz says that’s a good thing because he’s bucked them as his people back home sent him to D.C. to do.

After talking about murdering Cruz and having not one senator object, Lindsey Graham now says they might have to rally around Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump.

Cruz outperformed the polls last night winning Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska as well as coming in Second in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and tying for second in Georgia.


Marco Rubio who did finally win one state made a plea for his candidacy. He said when we get to the winner take all states, the map is friendlier to us and Cruz will have nowhere to go.

The media and the GOP have been much friendlier to Rubio but do they want a candidate who can’t win in his home state? In two polls, even Cruz is beating Rubio in his home state. In Ohio Rubio comes in 4th, ties with Cruz for 2nd in Michigan, and comes in 2nd in Massachusetts.

Fla poll

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