Megyn Kelly Obliterates Nancy Pelosi’s Hobby Lobby Lies



Hobby Lobby is being completely mischaracterized by the left.

The case isn’t about Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby only happened to be litigants along with two other companies who merely wanted a 1993 law upheld. The left is trying to make it a battle in the faux war against women.

Nancy Pelosi deliberately lied and misrepresented the Hobby Lobby case in a press briefing this week. Her lies were similar to the lies told by Harry Reid last week. Reid seems to have a fragile hold on reality when he lies, but Pelosi just plain lies to further her agenda.

Pelosi made sexist comments about the Justices who, in a very narrow decision, found in favor of Hobby Lobby and two other companies.

SCOTUS did not determine what contraceptives are legal nor did they get into the specifics of whether or not a woman could use a diaphragm. All birth control remains legal. Pelosi said the opposite.

The high court found that a corporation can sometimes be protected from violating their religious beliefs in accordance with a law sponsored by Nancy Pelosi in 1993.

Nancy Pelosi obliterated by Megyn Kelly:

Nancy Pelosi’s full statement:

Update: Jul 11: Left-very Left-leaning PolitiFact rated her statements false.

“Several readers asked us to scrutinize whether Pelosi was right to say that the Supreme Court was deciding which contraception methods are legal, rather than whether some corporations must pay for them through their employees’ health insurance plans,” wrote PolitiFact. And?

We can eliminate any reader suspense by sharing the response Pelosi’s office sent PolitiFact after we inquired: “She misspoke,” spokesman Drew Hammill acknowledged. “Obviously the impact of the court’s decision is not to make these four contraceptive methods illegal – i.e. no longer allowed to be sold.”



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