Megyn Kelly’s Living in Liberal TV Hell


Megyn Kelly  has attracted the lowest audience in the Today show’s recent ten-year history. She averaged only 2.29 million viewers in November though that was an improvement over her abysmal October which was better than a terrifyingly bad September.

She has been her own worst enemy. Kelly alienated Fox viewers with her announcement that she would take down Donald Trump, followed by constant daily attacks, followed yet again by her anti-Fox News tour selling her book and herself.

While going from TV station-to-TV station to get a “better” job, she trashed colleagues and the boss who helped her establish a career. The right doesn’t like her because of all that and because she seems to be a phony.

At the same time, the left hates her because she came from Fox News and she seems to be a phony. There are also her little mistakes.

Since September, Kelly’s reviews have been embarrassingly awful. They are helping to kill her chances for success although she is doing a good job of that herself. The left-wing audience won’t forgive her mistakes with a mocking Putin or Indian President. And they certainly won’t forgive her offending Hanoi Jane by asking about her plastic surgery with very few minutes left of an interview about her new film.

The former Fox News star does not have the desired youthful viewers, in fact, she doesn’t have anybody.

On that note, Newsbusters reported Thursday that she welcomed Julie Briskman to her show.

Briskman is the lowlife who repeatedly gave the middle finger to the Trump motorcade in Virginia and then lost her job.

The vulgar woman – with children she’s role modeling for – was applauded by the audience as she boasted of how proud she was of herself – “it felt great”, she said with little self-awareness of how she looks to people with dignity.

Kelly, catering to her viewers who hate her, gave her a softball interview.

Kelly said, “And there goes President Trump’s motorcade. And what inspired you in the moment to communicate with him in that manner?”

Briskman responded wickedly, “Well, all my frustration about this administration just welled up inside of me, and I started thinking about all the things that I think are going wrong right now in our country. And that was the only way I had to give him the message that I wanted to give him.”

All laughed because that’s who we are.

Kelly, continuing her meaningless questions said, “And how did it feel?” That’s when Briskman said how “great” it felt.

Cheerily, Briskman added, “Actually, I don’t think anyone’s asked me that question before, but it actually felt great. It was like I got to tell him – hopefully got to tell him how I really feel.”

Kelly noted, “I’m sure he’s heard about it now.”

Oh, yeah, and he doesn’t give a hoot either.

Megyn Kelly is now in a little hell of her own making. She was making more money working for a forgiving and welcoming audience and now she’s not. The left even criticizes her looks! Liberal people who don’t look so great themselves mock her appearance! She’s in liberal hell. Hope she’s happy, having paid such a dear price.f

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