Megyn Kelly’s Out! Her Staff “Didn’t Like Her Personally”


As we reported yesterday, Megyn Kelly’s show is ending. An NBC spokesperson said Megyn Kelly Today will be off the show for the rest of the week. A source at the network said it is inevitable that Kelly will be phased out like Billy Bush.

The staff at Megyn Kelly Today spoke with human resources on Wednesday, and made it clear they were “disgusted” by Kelly’s blackface comments and “didn’t like her personally”. They said she created a “toxic environment”. That was according to an NBC insider who spoke with the Daily Mail.

Staffers were also informed by NBC that they were members of the Today team at a time when their jobs appeared to be on the line. They will keep their jobs as Kelly exits.

The staff wants the executive producer Jackie Levin gone too. They say she had little control of Kelly and together they created the “toxic environment.”

One might want to hesitate in taking their word for it. They are left-wingers and never accepted her because she came from Fox. However, she does have personality flaws.

Meanwhile, a member of the NBC team tells that there will be another meeting on Thursday at 10 am after NBC made the decision to keep Kelly off the air for the remainder of the week.

Kelly is meeting with Andy Lack to discuss the future which should make her about $69 million richer. She’s an expensive failure.

Kelly reportedly made few friends and lots of enemies. Veteran employees are angry with her segments about sexual misconduct allegations against Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw.


Megyn Kelly’s Leaving Her Show, Will Have a New Role on NBC

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